It was in 1995 …

The weekly newspaper NEWS (owned by Wolfgang Fellner) and the daily newspaper TÄGLICH ALLES (owned by Mr. Falk) insulted each other as a “colorful cheap paper.”

When our child Olivia was forcibly taken away from us parents in the children’s hospital in Tulln, a reporter from DAILY EVERYTHING told me that he had been present during a telephone conversation between his editor-in-chief and Mr. Fellner, back when we were on the run in Spain. In this telephone conversation, Mr. Fellner literally ordered his “competitor”: “Send reporters down to Spain immediately, no matter what it costs. Imagine, this Hamer gets the child healthy, what then is happening with us in Vienna!”

In these worst months of our lives for us parents, Olivia was permanently omnipresent on NEWS advertising posters all over Austria. If the ORF’s marketing of our ordeal had already brought them an additional 4% in viewer ratings, how high do you think NEWS’s profits were, Mr. Fellner? And how did you thank Olivia? Oh, yes. You lured Olivia with a modeling career, and her wicked father was against it …


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