This video takes a look at the crisis of Ulrich Jahr, the last victim of the Masked-Man, with the help of Germanische Heilkunde. Many thanks to Werner von der Mühle!

The last Victim of the Masked-Man


do you know the ” Masked-Man”? The “Masked-Man” is one of the most unusual and extraordinary cases in German criminal history. Behind the masked man is the pedagogue Martin Ney. He is responsible for an unprecedented pedophile abuse series for almost 20 years. He committed at least three murders and more than 40 sexual offenses.

The serial killer often followed the same pattern. According to his sick fantasies, he disguised himself as a masked man, as seen in the picture, entered school hostels, boarding schools, or houses at night, and abused the boys. These ranged from rape to kidnapping to murder.

He committed his first murder on 31.03.1992. The victim was 13-year-old Stefan Jahr. Ney had taken part in a seminar at the Eichenschule boarding school in Scheeßel in the spring of 1992 as a vacation supervisor and got to know the boarding school and Stefan. A few weeks later, he abducted the sleeping boy from the boarding school and raped and strangled him on a dirt road. He buried the bound body in the Verden dunes, where it was found five weeks later by walkers.

What does this have to do with Germanische Heilkunde? I want to explain based on Ulrich year, the father of Stefan, how the crisis runs off. So first, as always, briefly the theory.

The crisis belongs to the healing phase. In the crisis, the entire conflict on all three levels comes to the fore once again in compressed form. The patient is practically in an extreme stress situation for the duration of the crisis. Thereby, the cerebrum-controlled crises are the most imposing ones. These include, for example, the coronary heart attack caused by a resolved loss-of-premium conflict, i.e., the occlusion of a coronary vessel in conventional medical terms.
Another example is the seizure of certain heart muscles with the resulting circulatory disturbances after the resolution of an overload conflict. There is the absence, the asthma attack, the seizure, etc. In short, these are the situations in which we become afraid for our loved ones and call an ambulance. These are the crises.

The crisis decides over life and death. It turns out according to the duration and the mass of the conflict. If the mass of the conflict is low, the crisis is not a problem. However, if it is high, the crisis can lead to death. Dr. Hamer had determined, e.g., in a heart study, that everything over nine months of conflict activity with the precinct loss conflict after solution in the crisis brings the deadly heart attack. In the past, people probably still knew this because after surviving a crisis, they said, “Now he’s over the hill, now he’s made it.”

Ulrich Jahr was, as we will see in a moment, the last victim of the Masked-Man. How could it have come to this?

Stefan’s death in 1992 was the DHS for Ulrich Jahr. From that moment on, he had only one goal. He wanted to arrest the perpetrator. The murder of his son didn’t give him a moment’s peace. Ulrich Jahr personally searched for his son’s murderer for over 19 years. He used his private money to have DNA samples analyzed, printed flyers, hired detectives, etc. He put the investigating officers under pressure again and again and did not let them rest either.

Also, a Spiegel quote beginning: “After three quarters of a year he got a lawyer to be able to see the files. Again and again he screwed thoughts and information into each other in order to loosen them and connect them again in a different way. He proceeded according to the principle of exclusion, questioned things, persons that the police did not seem to have in their sights: He drove to the forensic medicine, had a saliva sample from the autopsy doctor given to him in order to have it matched with the DNA of a 10.8 centimeter long hair that was found on Stefan’s right hand. He was shown the passport of a teacher who claimed to have been in New Zealand at the time of the crime. Investigators repeatedly reprimanded Jahr.” End quote

So Jahr was quite visibly conflict-active over all these years. And he had only one goal: to catch Stefan’s murderer! Still, in February 2008, he expressed in the Spiegel, “So that I can die one day in peace, I must know who has done this. For me, he is a creature beyond my imagination.”

This picture of him, which suggests straight shoulders, and his behavior lead to the suspicion that Ulrich Jahr was an alpha with a territorial loss conflict.

What happened next in the case? In February 2011, the police published a sketch of the situation that a former victim of the masked man had come to see. The victim had been abused at night in his own parental home in 1995. Based on the sketch, he recalled an incident at a children’s camp. A counselor had questioned him about his domestic situation several months before the abuse. He was asked by the counselor to draw what his home situation looked like. Based on the sketch of the situation, the history came up in him, and he could remember. The result was that they were able to locate the caregiver. The person in question was: Martin Ney. In April 2011, he confessed all the offenses and was arrested.

Ulrich Jahr was informed immediately, but he was still unsure whether they had got the right person. He doubted. However, as the year progressed, it became increasingly clear that his son’s killer had finally been caught. Ulrich Jahr had finally, after 19 years of struggle, found his son’s killer, which inevitably brought him to healing. In an interview during the 2011 trial, he said (seen in the ZDF film “Hunt for the Dennis Child Killer – The Bogeyman – Part 1)”: “And then I hope that it will finally come to a conclusion and I can leave this part of my life behind me in some way.”

Ulrich Jahr demanded the maximum sentence for Martin Ney: And so the court decided. On February 27, 2012, Martin Ney was sentenced to life imprisonment with subsequent preventive detention for murder to conceal crimes committed against Stefan Jahr, Dennis Rostel, and Dennis Klein and 20 counts of abuse.

At this point, Ulrich Jahr will already have been in the healing process with his SBS. Nine days after the court decision, Ulrich Jahr gets on his bike and wants to go for a ride through the field. He does not come back. He falls off the bike and is presumed dead immediately -heart attack!

His crisis will have been the arterial heart attack of a right-handed alpha after a solved territorial loss conflict. This crisis with almost 20 years of conflict mass was not to survive. Ulrich year was the last victim of the Mask-Man.


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