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Uterine-body-mucosa-Ca (Corpus-uteri-Ca), right half


  • Ugly, semi-genital conflict, usually with a male.
  • Loss-conflict, especially grandmother/grandchild conflict or also child loss.


Hamersche Herd:

HH in the middle of the brainstem on the right side

active phase:

There is a compact cauliflower-like growing adeno-ca of secretory quality, or a flat growing adeno-ca of resorptive quality growing in the cavum uteri (inner cavity) endometrium of the uterus is modified intestinal mucosa.


  • Post-menopausal: the tumor is necrotizing. Fluor vaginalis with possible light bleeding.
  • Pre-menopausal or normal menstruating: the tumor is shed again with very severe bleeding and decidua (upper cell layer) at each menstrual bleeding, with or without TB.



Biological Sense:

  • Active phaseSecretory type: to fill up the man’s ejaculate with secretion if the prostate has not produced enough secretion, thereby making pregnancy easier.
  • Resorptive type: to produce a better thicker mucosa for the innidation (implantation) of the egg.



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