Re female – 2-minute tinnitus, left ear.
Ectoderm, ca-phase, loss of function, and murmur/whistling.

I had a job interview which did not go my way. A little disappointed, yet still hopeful for the job, I had to be patient until Monday. Then the HR department would get back to me by phone….

Monday it rings, the company is on the line and what I then got to hear was outrageous. Personally humiliating and completely unacceptable on my part – so that I had IN THIS MOMENT tinnitus left (phone on the ear)!

I heard nothing else but the whistling and denied myself the urge to switch the phone to the other, right side. I was afraid that I would get tinnitus there too.

I quickly brought the conversation to an end. The tinnitus stopped immediately.

I immediately reacted and took measures to make the conflict irrelevant. For two more days, I sometimes felt a dull sensation in the ear. Otherwise, everything was fine.

I also do not have a track with the phone. Probably because everything was immediately evident and obvious to me, also that once again I have to expect a phone cancellation – we’ll see. But I know what to look for.

The handedness is relevant for ectodermal tissue. As a biological right-handed woman with, normal hormonal position, I got the tinnitus solely on the left side (my mother’s/child’s side) because I always have the phone on the left, on the left ear, and I got to hear the unheard on that side as well.

Note by H. Pilhar

DHS – hearing conflict (I think I don’t hear, right?)
active-phase – ringing in the ears
healing – hearing loss (deafness)

The hearing conflict can be partner or mother/child-related. But it can also be territory-related, which will also have been the case here. This phone call had nothing to do with her mother or her children. I have not heard anything about a “local” hearing conflict, but I will check with the “source” …

But anyway!

What I like very much about this report is how quickly the symptoms occur on the DHS! And from such testimonials, you can see that you don’t have to believe the Germanische Heilkunde® – you can literally “experience” it – and from “belief” you get “knowledge”! And the fear and panic dissolve into “amazement” and into “interest.” One becomes the master of one’s own original personal matter.


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