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No master has ever fallen from the sky! Every beginning is hard, no matter if you are a cook or a car mechanic. But with time, you find the ” common threads ” in Germanische Heilkunde®, and you will begin to understand how the symptoms are to be interpreted. And from believing that this is true, you become aware that this is true. When you know what it is about, you know what to do. You become the boss of your own personal issue. In the vast majority of cases, there is neither doctor nor medicine between the symptom and recovery. The individual can only heal himself by clearing the cause (DHS).
The study pays off! Germanische Heilkunde® explains how the body works, in which we are living a whole life long! Actually, this knowledge belongs to general education.
Have fun and many aha-experiences!

  • Basics – Germanische Heilkunde

    It makes sense to start studying with the basics. But often, the essentials – e.g., the biological conflict shock (DHS) – only reveal themselves after a while. It’s like any other study. It takes a ...
  • Consequences – Germanische Heilkunde

    Germanische Heilkunde® not only concerns medicine alone! It concerns us all as humans and how we deal with each other. A new era will begin …
  • Psychoses – Germanische Heilkunde

    Dr. Hamer says that the chapter Psychoses is the “Higher Mathematics” in Germanische Heilkunde®. Germanische Heilkunde® explains to us how our body works and how we act, think, and feel! The psychoses in the Germanische Heilkunde® have ...
  • Sensible Biological Special Programs – Germanische Heilkunde

    The most challenging thing for the beginner is probably understanding that the various symptoms are not so much the problem. Instead, one must focus attention on the cause of these symptoms: the Biological Conflict (DHS).
  • Terminology – around the Germanische Heilkunde

    The medical layman has a hard time with specific terms. In Germanische Heilkunde, there are specific terms, which had to be created by Dr. Hamer and which do not exist in the vocabulary of conventional ...
  • Therapy – from the perspective of Germanische Heilkunde

    Germanische Heilkunde® always proceeds causally in the therapy!

Organs - symptoms according to the Germanische Heilkunde

Since many organs often consist not only of tissue from one but from several cotyledons, a single organ often has different conflict content. Therefore the classification of medicine according to organs is outdated. More bio-logical would be the classification of medicine according to the cotyledons.

    Symptoms - Symptoms according to the Germanische Heilkunde

    Various groups of symptoms