The Engineer, Volume 53, No. 1/1998

Are scientific findings still suppressed today?

Ing. Helmut Pilhar, born in 1965, is an engineer for both electrical and mechanical engineering. He is the father of Olivia, a girl suffering from cancer. In this context, he advocated the treatment of his daughter according to the rules of the so-called “New Medicine” established by Dr. Hamer, which put him in the crossfire of criticism from the media and the public. The “New Medicine” attributes every illness exclusively to a psychological conflict situation. However, this exclusivity is challenging to understand. According to an alleged statement by a dean of the University of Tübingen, a scientific review of the “New Medicine” would be possible within one day. But why a review has not taken place so far makes one wonder. Dr. Hamer is currently serving a prison sentence in Germany for violating the German Medical Act. However, this happens without a review of his established and applied findings is also challenging to understand.

If the “New Medicine” were to stand up to scientific scrutiny, Ing. Pilhar would see himself vindicated and rehabilitated in his behavior during his daughter’s illness.

hpilharRecently, I read an article in the scientific magazine raum&zeit about an injection nozzle of a combustion engine. The remarkable thing about this injector was that it split the water flowing to it (!) into H2 and 0 and thus could supply the combustion chamber with oxyhydrogen gas, which in turn should set the piston in motion by ignition. As a principle explanation of the water-splitting, the use of free energy (?!) was indicated. As proof that this actually worked, a photo was shown of the engine installed in a buggy, complete with the smiling inventor.

Well – as is well known, paper is patient! Nevertheless, this invention/discovery would decisively ease our energy and environmental problems in one fell swoop. So, what are we technicians going to do? Correct—we will have this miracle engine demonstrated to us. We will convince ourselves of its functionality. And if everything is correct, we can confidently look forward to a brighter future. But if it turns out that it was all just a bad joke, then we can forget about it for the time being.

This is how we technicians usually handle new discoveries. We check them!

Unfortunately, our doctors do not have such an easy game in the medical field. We often hear about miracle medicines for this and that ailment. Often they can help, but unfortunately, not always. This effect is described for almost all common medicines. Here one uses the statistics and explains to achieve so-and-so many percent chances of healing. One can hardly speak of reproducibility in a living organism. Too many, especially intangible psychological and mental factors, seem to be involved. These biological laws have not yet been deciphered – or have they?

Years ago, the magazine mentioned above also published a series of articles about a Cologne physician who claims to be able to explain, diagnose and predict all diseases of humans and mammals in general through five biological laws of nature. In his opinion, the cause of every disease is a so-called mental conflict, and the disease turns into healing when the problem is solved and is thus a two-phase process. He believes that his New Medicine can cure up to 90%, and even up to 95% with the necessary clinical care, of cancer patients who were previously considered incurable. As proof of his assertion, he offers the natural scientific examination, since he means each x-any patient case is to be classified according to these five biological laws of nature. As an example of his assertions, it is mentioned that allegedly for the lung cancer, not the smoking, but always a so-calledfear of death is to blame. This fear-of-death conflict manifests itself demonstrably and is visible with a brain CT, always at the same spot in the brain. He could diagnose every disease, including its stage, based on a brain CT. This diagnostic procedure made this doctor famous in professional circles in the early 80s.

You will surely know by now that we are talking about Ryke Geerd Hamer, MD, and his New Medicine. As you know, this man put our entire medical profession in an uproar when the case of Olivia Pilhar came up.

What advice do we technicians have to give to our friends, the doctors?

Ing. Helmut Pilhar


Note from H. Pilhar

I can still remember well how this article came about. The editor-in-chief of this magazine, “Der Ingenieur,” at that time invited me to his home. He explained to me that this newspaper comes free of charge to the desk of every civil servant in Austria. I warned him that he might get into trouble. He waved me off.

Consequence: He immediately lost his position as editor-in-chief!


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