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single-cyclic conflict

Hamer Kompas E.
Hamer Compas

The conflict experiences a definite solution. [The wicked mother-in-law (cliché) dies!] At the end of the healing, the patient is healthy. In the healing phase, the complete conflict mass was worked off. There are no further masses of conflict. At the end of healing, the patient is healthy—a unique event.

polycyclic conflict course

polycyclic conflict course

The conflict is not resolved definitively. Via tracks, recurrences take place again and again, which also go into healing again if one comes “off” the track.

The healing phase symptoms of the respective SBSs are present again and again (e.g., early pollen allergy, lactose intolerance, lumbago, epilepsy …)

There is no conflict mass between cycles. One is entirely healthy between the cycles and remains so until one has a recurrence again.

Either you definitely solve the conflict and thus the tracks, or – if not possible – you avoid the tracks (what every allergy sufferer tries to practice).

hanging healing

haengende heilung
hanging healing

The conflict cannot be definitively resolved. [wicked mother-in-law lives the street vis a vis!] Even before the healing comes to an end, a recurrence by tracks takes place.

The healing phase symptoms of the respective SBSs are frequently present (e.g., neurodermatitis, Parkinson’s disease, chronic leukemia …).

Conflict masses are hardly present.

The conflict should definitely be solved, then the last healing phase comes to an end, and one recovers.

In old-brain-controlled SBSs (glandular and gland-like tissue), the initial tissue may melt away in hanging healing.

In a tuberculous hanging healing, one may become emaciated and die of cachexia due to protein loss. Tuberculosis was also called “poor man’s disease” at the turn of the century because they could not afford a high-protein diet.

In the marrow bearing controlled SBSs, at the end of the cure, the connective tissue is thicker than before, which is also the biological sense (luxury group). In hanging healing, the connective tissue becomes thicker and thicker.

hanging active conflict course

haengend aktiv
hanging active conflict course

The conflict remains active, possibly transformed down, but one can grow old with it. One comes to terms with one’s conflict. [wicked mother-in-law lives in the household!]

The active symptoms of the respective SBSes are frequently present (e.g., diabetes, MS, tinnitus, angina pectoris …).

Conflict mass is continuously built up. Therefore, possibly, a resolution of the conflict is not advisable because the subsequent healing phase may possibly end lethally.


Emaciation (cachexia)

The conflict remains active and cannot be transformed down. One dies of emaciation (cachexia). [wicked mother-in-law lives in the household!]

hanging crisis


You can get “stuck” in the crisis, so to speak, over tracks, e.g. spasticity. [wicked mother-in-law …?!]

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