The fox poaches in our garden.

Of course, neither apple trees nor currant bushes interest him, but the chickens are strolling below all the more. The other day even the police had stopped to tell us that we didn’t need to look for our rooster; the fox had just dragged him over the fence, almost running into the car…

A few days later, I was on the road, was again great fox alarm at the chickens. My husband rushed into the garden and was able to put the brazen robber to flight, but when he counted them afterward, one chicken was missing. So he had not been fast enough. Oh dear, how do I tell my wife? She is so attached to every single bird! A long, anxious hour passed before the missing chicken reappeared, slightly disheveled and with a few fewer tail feathers but otherwise in good health. The great relief that my husband now felt was joined by a sudden stabbing pain in his right knee, which he – as a trained physician – would have diagnosed as meniscus damage, had he not hung up the doctor’s coat many years ago out of deepest conviction. This knee pain lasted precisely one hour – the hour he had been conflict active – and then dissolved into nothingness. Another little nap against the sudden healing phase fatigue afterward, and he could later tell me about his experience in a very relaxed way.

Dear Mr. Pilhar,

Although I am very sorry that I can no longer experience you in the flesh in your courses, I wish you much strength and all the best there on the other side of the globe (if it is one) and follow your Internet presentation with great interest.

Best regards from Germany’s summery north
P. T.


Note by H. Pilhar:

I would like to use this stirring experience report (leukemia fatigue in the healing phase) to refer to my continuing education (see the header, webinar archive). I know many of you from my 20 years of on-site seminar work. I seek your cooperation to carry on the legacy of Dr. Hamer. The Internet bridges the space, whether it is even or hol, two-, three- or seven-dimensional [Alexander Laurent], it does not matter for the time being. Online, one is live in one’s living room and almost no matter where. And it is still relatively free. I can offer the currently state-licensed therapist to ask me questions together with his patient (tutoring). To the prospective therapist of Germanische Heilkunde (Iatros), I can offer a legitimate examination of Germanische Heilkunde (Dr. Hamer appointed me as Univ.Doz theory at his university Sandefjord). I can also give a simple teaching assignment (mine received for theory). For this, I provide teaching material (everything is still in planning).

For the last ten years, I travel around with the camper and my Emma (Rottweiler bitch). For the first ten years, I mostly stayed privately with the organizers of my lectures on site. But at the seminars, we were all together, and it was always a nice time for me with like-minded and awakened people. But they were also dangerous and turbulent years, which did not pass me by without leaving a trace. Here in Paraguay, I hope to find my peace. As long as I can, I will carry the Germanische Heilkunde into the world … What is currently happening with Corona would not have been possible with the correct verification of the IRON RULE OF CANCER (1st Biological Law of Nature) in 1981 by the University of Tübingen. To find a way out of this global chaos, the Germanische Heilkunde, with its Five Biological Laws of Nature discovered by Dr. Hamer, can be very useful. It does not have to be believed; it applies equally to all individuals and is very human. We can learn through Germanische Heilkunde how our animal bodies work and specifically keep them healthy. It is through this awareness that we truly elevate ourselves to the status of human beings. Animals do this instinctively. Animals use tools, but they do not create monuments for themselves and certainly none that last thousands of years.

Do you know the 30,000-year-old megalithic sculpture described by Dr. Elisabeth Neumann Gundrum?

Example Isenberg / Goldstein (Germany):


Es zeigt den Homo sapiens sapiens (Atemgeburt, aus dem Mund erscheint ein weiterer Kopf) gegenüber dem Neandertaler. Der Mensch wurde sich seiner bewußt und er stellte sich selbst und den Neandertaler dar. Diese Skulpturen erstrecken sich über gesamt Ur-Europa, von Norwegen bis Spanien. Damals gab es gar keine getrennten Völker. Alle schienen die selbe Sprache gehabt zu haben. Wie konnte diese uralte Kultur (älter als Ägypten mit seinen 8000 Jahren und seinen fürchterlichen Pharaonen) in unserem Raum verschwinden? Dieses Buch von Frau Neumann-Gundrum (Ur-Europa, Internet) weist eindringlich auf einen historischen Punkt in unserer Vergangenheit. Dadurch können wir eine gerade Linie zu unserem Heute ziehen und erkennen, wohin wir gehen sollen. Wir Menschen sind unter den vielen Kreaturen auf Mutter Erde etwas Besonderes, ohne Zweifel. Und genau diesem Umstand sollten wir uns bewußt werden und erheben. Uns regieren Kinderfresser! Und das in nahezu allen Bereichen unserer sog. zivilisierten Gesellschaft. Kein Tier quält aus Lust sein Opfer. Was diese Humanoide verbrechen, kann und darf nicht toleriert werden. Sofern das Kind es überlebt, hat es zumindest viele Konflikte samt Konstellationen erlitten, ist im Wesen bleibend verändert und bleibt in seiner Reifeentwicklung stecken. Es als Neigung gesellschaftsfähig zu machen, ist eine Verhöhnung künftiger Kindesopfer. Kein Tier vergewaltigt sein Kind! Diese Verbrecher stellen sich unter das Tier und wollen uns in ihren Sumpf mit hinabziehen. Es geht um unsere Kinder und damit um unsere Zukunft, die wir heute einleiten. Alle reden vom Großen Reset. Gut, dann reseten wir einmal diesen derzeitigen Unsinn, auf die Biologischen Naturgesetze von Mutter Natur. Zweifelsohne darf man Naturgesetze als Schöpfungswillen bezeichnen. Und sie anzumahnen, entspringt der Vernunft. Eine Alternative zu Naturgesetze kann es nicht geben …

Obiger Erfahrungsbericht zeigt beispielhaft, wie unser Körper funktioniert. Herzlichen Dank dafür und auch für die Inspiration, diese Zeilen hier zu verfassen.

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