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Submucosal-Oral-Mucosa-Ca (deep intestinal epithelial layer), right side.


Conflict of not being able to ingest (salivate) a morsel.

Very common conflict in the critically ill when they can no longer absorb food properly; e.g., due to pain


Hamer Focus:

HH In the brainstem (pons), right dorsal (backward)

active phase:

Adeno-Ca of the resorptive grade grew in a flat area and reached only a low height, under the mouth’s squamous mucosa, therefore practically invisible. Belongs developmentally to the old intestinal mucosa, which is now primarily covered.


So-called. Oral thrush or thrush fungus of the mouth = healing phase of the rudimentary old intestinal mucosa located under the squamous epithelium.



Biological Sense:

active phase

To want to salivate a morsel of food to be able to take it in more quickly. To want to take in a morsel of food more quickly.



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