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Uterine musculature, right. Developmentally, there used to be two uteruses, as we still find in some animals today.


Conflict equivalent that the fruit remains in the uterus (not being pregnant).


Hamer Focus:

In the midbrain on the right, but belonging to the brainstem

active phase:

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, increased tonus to hold and innervate the fertilized egg in the uterine lumen. Myomas = increased uterine musculature.


In the last 6 months of pregnancy, the uterine muscle, although originally intestinal peristalsis muscle, behaves according to the vagotonia according to the cerebrum scheme, with immobilization of the uterus. Corresponding to the local intestinal musculature, which is immobilized in the pcl phase – while the whole other part of the intestine makes increased peristalsis – in the same way, the uterus is immobilized in the whole pcl-phase. Only in the epi-crisis (sympaticotonic), strong peristalsis occurs, which we call contractions. The whole process we call birth.


strong peristalsis (birth)

Biological Sense:

active phase

The muscles become stronger so that the mother can later give birth better.


Developmentally, there used to be two wombs, as we still find in some animals today.


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