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Renal pelvis mucosal squamous ulcer left


Territory marking conflict

  • male conflict, not being able to mark the territorial boundaries.
  • female conflict, not being able to mark off the territory from the inside (similar to identity conflict), e.g. not knowing which opinion to follow.


Hamer Focus:

HH temporo-occipital right

Aktive phase:

Ulcers in the renal pelvis or renal calices. Kidney stones are rarely formed. The mucosa is numb.


Healing swelling, hyperesthesia, pain, renal pelvic inflammation.


Spasm and renal colic in the crisis. The renal gravel or calyx stone is forced through the calyx neck in solution and passes into the renal pelvis and from there through the ureter into the bladder. This process is called renal colic. These are practically epileptic muscular crises of the renal pelvic and renal caliceal muscles. Calcium oxalate stones after renal collecting tube TBC see yellow column.

Biological Sense:

Ulcerative widening of the renal pelvis, thereby improving the drainage of urine


Outer-skin pattern


Experience reports