Are there conflicts that cannot be resolved?

Anyone who has ever tried to make someone understand what psoriasis is, according to the rules of Germanische Heilkund, will have found that it is not so easy.

Two conflicts of separation in the same place. There is always one inactivity (scaly and sensory numb) and the second in healing (red and itchy).

I suffered a conflict like this about three months ago and was aware that the second the DHS came in that I had now suffered a conflict. I have had symptomatology ever since.

What happened?

For many years a small dog has been a part of our family. From the beginning, I could not get her out of the habit of laying on my feet whenever she had the opportunity. At some point, I acknowledged that this is how she shows me her appreciation and submission. So I let her and got used to the dog on my feet.

Quite a few months ago, the dog started having a problem with ticks. My wife was getting up to 20 ticks out of her fur 2 times a day. We fought against these parasites for many months.

About three months ago, we had the worst behind us. My wife had not found any ticks in the dog’s fur for several days.

I came home, took off my shoes, sat down, and felt the dog lay on my left foot.

At the exact moment, in my mind’s eye, I had an image of an old, messy, tick-laden dog fur on my foot, and the ticks were biting their way into my foot. I spontaneously wanted to kick this dog fur away (to separate).

But at the same time, I had the thought in my head, leave it! She’s showing me her sympathy that way, and besides, she hasn’t had any ticks in a while. Also, dog ticks do not affect humans, so it’s all good.

Interestingly, I was also very aware that I had just suffered a separation conflict. But I concluded that I had solved this conflict again immediately because my mind gave me the information that now everything is in order with the fur of the dog. The picture of the vermin-eaten fur on my foot does not correspond to reality. However, I could not get rid of this image so quickly.

In one moment, I suffered two separation conflicts at the same place, one active, the other in healing.

Exciting also the symptomatology. Although the conflict in healing keeps the place red and would cause intense itching, hardly anything can be felt because the second conflict is active and causes, besides the dry/scaly skin also a sensory paralysis. Therefore I can feel the itching only very rarely and almost not at all.

To solve the conflict finally was not possible for me until now and probably won’t be, as long as we have a dog at home, which at any time again puts herself on my feet. It remains to be seen whether the symptoms will finally be resolved when the dog is no longer alive one day, but I think it is very likely.

erfahrungsbericht schuppenflechte fuss

As a possible therapy, we have now been running the Studentenmädchen quietly in the background 24/7 for a week. Although this does not finally resolve the conflict, the intensity is alleviated. The redness is significantly weaker, but the skin above it is still dry, brittle, and reduced sensory perception, although not completely numb.

(On the picture now, after a week of Studentenmädchen, the redness is barely visible).

I have not been able to figure out what conflict a dog must suffer that she is suddenly like a magnet for ticks.

Note by H.Pilhar

Are there now unsolvable conflicts, or do they not exist?

The dog owner has known Germanische Heilkunde for many years! His knowledge could not protect him from this conflict. The three criteria highly acute-dramatic isolative felt and caught on the wrong foot, he describes very vividly.

He also suspects that this conflict will exist as long as the dog lives and will only be resolved with its death.

Can this dog owner resolve this conflict beforehand, or will this conflict remain unsolvable until the dog’s demise?

In Germanische Heilkunde, everything revolves around this Biological Conflict (DHS) because the therapy must be derived from it.

What exactly went through the mind of the person concerned in this moment of shock? He writes that he wanted to be separated from this tick-laden dog fur. He did not want to be separated from the dog or its fur but from the many ticks in the fur.

Now you could get to the bottom of his aversion to ticks. And such an aversion against ticks is deep in all of us. It is caused mainly by the media. Herein we find the unsolvable, at least for that generation that grew up with the television.

He does not like ticks and wants to remain separated from them in the future. An insoluble enmity that keeps this conflict going. And with it, the SBS. Unless he can change his attitude to the ticks, but this is very unlikely.

With the death of the dog, this conflict will be resolved. I also assume this. But what if the family insists on a new dog? Should this new dog find a similar preference at his feet, his chronic separation conflict would remain.

With this somewhat longer “note” I wanted to show the importance of the content of the conflict and how important it is to grasp the conflict exactly.

The cause of psoriasis is a double conflict of separation! In this shock moment one wanted to be separated and at the same time also not to be separated. According to the motto: “I really like you, but if you appear to me like this, then I can not stand you!” And this felt in a single second! The dog owner describes this ambivalence in feeling very clearly!

If the dog is now away from his foot, he goes with the one aspect “want to be separated” in solution (redness, itching). But because at the same time he does not want to be separated from the dog, he is active with the other aspect (scaling, sensory paralysis).

A really very instructive experience report! Thanks a lot!

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