In the following document, I will forecast the Germanische New Medicine’s future from my point of view.

Before I start with this, I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Volker Siefke; I am 47 years old, born in Hannover, married since 1997, have 2 children, 1 dog, and has lived in Lucerne’s voluntary exile for a little more than 3 years. I earn my living as a self-employed computer scientist specialized in large databases and programming CRM software (customer relationship management). I have been doing projects in Europe for almost 20 years. My hobbies are big bore shooting, history, philosophy, politics, poetry (especially Schiller), and some more. If I believe in anything, it is biology, mathematics, probability, and some of the other scientific knowledge, as far as I understand it. I see the world and people as they are. Unfortunately, I must say, because all this -especially at present- is not particularly uplifting or gratifying. I am an atheist and politically disillusioned, but because I believe in biology (especially evolutionary theory), I am naturally on the outside right from the system’s point of view. However, what the system thinks about it does not interest me even 1 second because systems basically always have a consensus, which is also basically always wrong. Except for Machiavellism, these whole systems, which existed in such a way, have hardly a scientific basis, on the contrary. Machiavelli is, of course, a figure from history who served the system of the time. Accordingly, his findings take place, but anything but uplifting, instead immoral, devious, downright satanic, and purely functional. That is why the systems had all failed at some point, mostly when one of their premises was a false view of man, or they started from the false premise of being able to create a “new man.”

Perhaps I should also note that I classify myself as critical, i.e., a lot has to happen before I believe someone, especially in this day and age. I don’t consider myself to be someone who simply runs after a “guru.” If something has convinced me after intensive familiarization, it is quite likely to be so. I do not believe it, but I use my scientific education and probability calculation to validate the information.

I have been intensively involved with Germanic New Medicine for about 2 years. Like probably everyone else, I had first familiarization problems because of the Germanic New Medicine. Findings so blatantly violate the programming that one must first overcome this implemented resistance. However, after this little adversity, I recognized the compelling logic of these findings and how easily they fit into my scientific worldview.

After this process was completed, one feeling remained: the fundamental laws of Germanic New Medicine are basically “simple,” you just have to come up with them first.

In computer science, it is similar, namely that the simple programs make sense and work. In contrast, the spaghetti code programs always need care and control and correction programs, plus of course, lots of “caretakers.” Consequently, I classify as computer scientist the present “medicine” also as spaghetti code medicine. The “caretakers” here are, e.g., the media. Suppose there is one thing I have learned about these spaghetti code programs in the last 20 years. In that case, it is best to delete and redo them as quickly as possible before they cause damage or collapse completely. However, they always cause damage. Above all, they produce costs, precisely the goal behind those who only want to make money with it. At some point, as an IT consultant, you understand that sometimes it’s not about solving a problem the right way. Rather than earning money by not solving it or by intentionally complicating it, maybe even making it worse than it already is. The explanation is trivially money, or as it is called in our industry: kickass.

In principle, the simple things are ingenious, not the complicated ones.

On the contrary, I’ve seen entire companies get their heads blown off by complicated programs that no one understands anymore. Sometimes only a few heads rolled. Once, it even destroyed the whole company because it was the company’s customer’s central program.

The medicine I would call a central program in science is not even THE central program because it has the most critical influence. If you ask people what they think is most important, most people say it is health. The few people who give a different answer are wrong. This brings me to the reasonable assumption that medicine is THE science program.

An unimportant “program” is, e.g., such a realization as the relativity theory, thus e=mc2. That interests only a few and understands it still much less – if it is right at all. And if it is not valid, it has hardly any relevance for the life of people.

By the way, the answer to the question, why the spaghetti code programs have always been cherished and cared for was almost always the same in my career: Money.

Everyone who worked with it knew it was junk, but they all earned from it and kept quiet because the top wanted it that way. It was always just the head that resisted making a fundamental change. The rest were hangers-on who didn’t get much out of it except aggravation and their hourly rate. As a consultant, I gave my opinion, namely that reprogramming would make sense, the response was always an embarrassing silence and fearful looks. Only a minority, if any, defended this crap. It would be “historically grown this way,” they always said, a zero-argument, because it doesn’t improve anything. It is of no use to the average user if he knows why his program is terrible – he actually wants a new one. If there was an argument against reprogramming, it was always the “costs” that reprogramming would entail. If I also wiped this argument off the table by bringing the maintenance costs into play, I was usually not very popular in the project afterward. That’s how it is in computer science when you tell the truth. The principle behind it is the same as everywhere else.

The biggest problem with these spaghetti programs was usually damaged data that had to be restored. That was collateral damage, so to speak, which then caused follow-up costs, e.g., in the hotlines, where the customers complained, and of course, in the support (caretakers).

It’s not quite so simple in medicine because the broken data are usually real corpses, and recovery is, unfortunately, impossible. Even cripples, there are usually irreparably damaged and cause follow-up costs. The side effects can be very complex and tend to be uncontrollable.

Interestingly, when the main program at that time at the company in question crashed the database (backup copies were unreadable, plan B had failed), there was panic only in the leadership responsible. Among the small consultants, who have always said this or silently thought it to themselves, the clammy gloating could not be overlooked.

Basically, everything is a program: people, political systems, or even scientific theories. They function, go crazy, or they collapse at some point with more or less damage. It is basically the same in the small as in the big.

I am harping this will become clear later when I describe what I expect when the current “medicine” collapses.

But first, I want to justify why I, as a computer scientist, take the impudence, impudent audacity, and arrogance to judge about the “modern medicine,” to mock it as spaghetti-code-medicine, exactly the medical science, which the most prominent experts with awe-inspiring titles find as correct. By the way, the word “expert” is neurolingual programming (NLP), which is supposed to virtually exclude criticism. It should seem ridiculous to be against it if so-called experts, who are, of course, officially never bribable. Although these also scientifically justify that cow farts warm the climate, are for it. I even read once under the heading “Science” that British researchers justified that it was warmer in prehistoric times than today by saying that the dinosaurs caused this by their flatulence. Blaehungen.html

Who knows, maybe these “researchers” will find a gigantic fossilized brontosaurus fart to prove their thesis.

Nevertheless, it was exciting, but not this theory. But the conclusion that can be derived from it is that nothing is too embarrassing if they can earn a little money with it. Moreover, one can see very nicely what is understood by “science” nowadays. Maybe this is the reason that my awe is limited?

In this dinosaur history, one can also very well that a lie often draws further lies after itself if justified doubts arise. In this case, the original lie is that CO2 warms the climate. At some point, this led to the illogic that it was much warmer in prehistoric times, even though there were no factories or cars back then. This forced people to explain this, which is implausible and laughable, to say the least. A lie once made can lead thus in last consequence to the absolute ridiculousness and thus unbelievability of the liar. In this case, the liar is not an individual, but a complex network of individuals, in this case at least the “researchers” and the media, but especially those who pay for this “research.” At this stage, at the latest, the lied to people naturally also logically ask themselves what the real reason for the initial lie was. More precisely, the question then arises whether it was merely a mistake or malicious intent. Depending on the lie’s importance/relevance for the lied to, this thought process basically develops a negative emotion. Of course, this can also lead to extreme aggression.

Now I would like to justify, however slowly….

Why I am convinced of the correctness of the New Medicine

First of all, I would like to note that I do not intend to list the fundamental laws of Germanic New Medicine in detail in this chapter. Because you can read about them in other documents. I will only state the principle briefly as necessary, which I have found to be absolutely spectacular and correct.

Germanic New Medicine states that most diseases are, in fact, special biological programs, more precisely the repair phase, triggered by a conflict event. These special biological programs need not always be useful at the present time. Still, they were in the past, which is why evolution persistently incorporated them into the human (and animal) program, primarily into the brain. This process of evolution is not very flexible and, therefore, cannot react optimally to short-term changes. In part, converted triggers are also the triggers of these programs, e.g., in the case of territorial conflict. This program is nowadays often triggered by problems in the workplace. In former times this territory conflict program had existential importance for its ability to meet his food needs. Today it is relatively nonsensical, even counterproductive, mainly due to work alternatives and emergency, the social network. Nevertheless, it is present and is carried out if the individual evaluates the job for whatever reasons as existential, the loss of the same threatens, or a competitor entering this converted precinct.

The Germanic New Medicine says that a special biological program is triggered by an event that is highly dramatic for the individual, comes as a surprise, and catches him in an isolative state. It lasts as long as it is/was biologically sensible, namely until the conflict is resolved (note: some conflicts are also never resolved). After that, a successor program starts automatically, which repairs all the special biological program changes. This repair phase is currently called a disease by “medicine.”

The conflict shock is communicated to the brain via the senses. The brain evaluates this information and interprets it. If all 3 preconditions are fulfilled, the brain executes the program fully automatically, passing the consciousness and the will. This means that the individual does not know that a program is now being executed and cannot suppress it when this happens. This is visible in the Germanic New Medicine’s shocks by the Hamer Focus in the CT, a disc-shaped structure. The cause of this is the DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome), the triggering shock.

The Germanic New Medicine logically concludes that physical and mental changes occur due to the ongoing special program controlled by the brain. The individual does not feel well in this phase (obsessive thinking, insomnia, weight loss, etc.) Besides, body changes are carried out, virtually cell increases or decreases.

When the conflict is resolved, the program ends, and with it, the changes it initiated. A new program then begins. Instead, the program remains the same but carries out the next function that restores the original situation. There is a critical phase, which the Germanic New Medicine calls the epileptoid crisis, which can also be fatal. The course depends on the shock and the accumulated conflict mass.

What is supposed to be illogical about this?

Basically, it can only work this way and not otherwise. It is crystal clear to me that in this way. An individual receives or has received an advantage because it is just an advantage if an individual reacts to a conflict with an automatic reaction, thus switches into a crisis mode.

Since there is conflict, there must also be a reaction to it, which means that there must also be a program for it.

Unless someone assumes that this would not have been the case through millions of years of evolution, i.e., evolution basically would not have preferred individuals with these advantages. But such a thought would be quite absurd, then one could deny the whole theory of evolution.

It is also utterly logical that the input about it is reported over the brain’s senses because this is the only way. Also, the elimination of will and consciousness makes sense, of course, purely for time reasons. If an early man stood in front of a saber-toothed tiger, he had a better chance if his reaction was as fast and automated as possible. The critical protective functions are always automatic, like the eyelid closure reflex.

Generally seen, the following maximally simplified principle of these processes is the basis: Perhaps one can agree with the Germanic New Medicine opponents at least first on it. It is trivial enough that even the last one understands it.

It is also perfectly logical that the reaction to this can be, among other things, that the body reacts with cell proliferation and reduction. What else should the body do to react optimally to the situation? The hormones are only the transmission medium because  somehow, the brain has to inform every affected cell that it is now executing a program.

For example, if you get calluses on your hands, that is a cell proliferation triggered by the brain. Who else should decide it, the cell itself, perhaps? As far as I remember from my biology lessons, no cell element could make decisions, especially since the impulse comes via nerve cells, but skin cells multiply. The workload is not a shock in the sense of Germanic New Medicine. With this example, one can clearly see that this process is basically always like this, even when “modern medicine” calls a disease. Consistently, however, it would have to call the decomposition of calluses in rest phases a disease. From this, you can see how absurd it all is. According to orthodox medicine, if you think this through to the end, you are only really healthy when you are dead.

Note: It is not always the healing phase that is considered a “disease” in conventional medicine. Diabetes, colon cancer, MS, milk gland cancer, etc., are all conflict-active symptoms.

Depending on the sensory impression, of course, nothing can happen except storage in the short-term memory. A simple movement can also be initiated, e.g., in the eyelid closure reflex.

In the case of shocks, which play a role in the Germanic New Medicine, the body reacts with cell proliferation. Is this now so absurd that one cries “charlatanry”? With such a reaction, one makes oneself ridiculous. One wonders what could be the reason behind this illogical reaction of the charlatanry criers, perhaps herd instinct or the desire to grab a morsel (kick-ass). In the latter case, an old program from the worm’s time probably prevails over all other programs, especially the more modern ethics evaluation algorithms. Now, one could ponder the motivation of the charlatanry screamers, but the behavior is clearly worm-like.

Therefore, the whole principle that constitutes the Germanic New Medicine is entirely logical and fits perfectly into the theory of evolution and practical experience. It does not contradict common sense in any way; on the contrary.

Basically, the Germanic New Medicine is even a compellingly logical conclusion from the theory of evolution, the knowledge of which furthermore fulfills a concrete meaning for people.

The Darwinian theory of evolution’s practical use is basically zero without this extension of the Germanic New Medicine. Because what is the use of knowing that man descended from apes except that this is, of course, very interesting? With Darwin’s findings alone, you can’t even get a woman around. The knowledge of the theory of evolution itself does not offer any evolutionary advantage. However, the Germanic New Medicine knowledge offers an advantage concretely not to be underestimated, straight in today’s time.

It has been proven, for example, that the brain controls and executes many things past the consciousness. Sometimes even when one does not want to. I only say redhead or hectic spots. All the lie detectors work according to this principle. Also, bowel movement problems during exam stress manifest this principle, which everyone should know. Stomach ulcers are generally known as a result of anger. It is also generally recognized that tinnitus is related to stress.

These examples show that the body reacts to brain activities, sometimes in the short term, sometimes in the form of so-called diseases. Of course, it is a matter of defining precisely an illness, e.g., how long it must last. Is, for example, heart palpitations during anxiety perhaps also a form of “disease”? Or rather the trembling after this fear is over?

From this point of view, it is also logical to assume that there must be many such reactions, not only the generally accepted ones. It is also logical to assume that other effects besides the visible ones, e.g., heart palpitations, e.g., cell proliferation. Why should there not be more than the immediately visible and tangible? I find it somewhat illogical when one acknowledges the one but cries “charlatanry” at the other, although the same principle is underlying. This is similar to claiming that the theory of evolution applies to all species. Only in the case of squirrels would it be ridiculous to even consider the theory of evolution.

Either there is a principle, or there is no principle.

With this, I want to leave it with the statement that the Germanic New Medicine is logical in itself and come now to further points. Which I have classified as relevant for the decision process, whether the Germanic New Medicine is correct.

As is known, the history of the Germanic New Medicine consists of 2 parts. One is the discovery of the laws by Dr. Hamer. The other is Dr. Hamer‘s problems with the system’s so-called laws, primarily because of the withdrawal of the license to practice.

These two law-topics belong logically together and will only cause the disaster, which I will describe later.

Furthermore, just this problem of Dr. Hamer with the “law” of the system provides further confirmation that his discoveries of the Germanic New Medicine laws are correct. It is not how normally something is proved scientifically, but it is also possible indirectly.

Dr. Hamer has been litigating at regular intervals for 30 years. Whereby the fundamental core question has always been nothing other than whether his laws are valid or not.

One would think that his laws would have been refuted based on counter-examples or counter-studies. In any case, every court that functions halfway logically should have to provide the counter-evidence to justify why he is punished in the first place. That is the elementary precondition for the verdict.

But that was not the case.

Now it could be that the proof to the contrary would not be possible because it is scientifically impossible. This is not the case either, because Dr. Hamer‘s discovery would be effortless to disprove if it were not true. Few CTs would suffice for this, i.e., this is not the reason for the lack of counterevidence.

Furthermore, one could assume that Dr. Hamer‘s discovery appeared to the court to be so abstruse that they refrained from presenting counterevidence altogether. This can also be denied because the theory is logical, as has just been shown. One can also assume that at the latest, after public-effective cases like the case Olivia, counterevidence would have had to be furnished.

Moreover, it was always only Dr. Hamer, who insisted that he finally be scientifically disproved. The court, on the other hand, appeared absolutely listless to apply scientific methods.

Also, the powerful opponents like the pharmaceutical industry did not show any ambition, although they could, of course, pay for a counter-study out of their vest pocket.

So much is the official account of the story about the endless trials without counterevidence.

The question I ask myself, of course, is whether there has been any attempt to find counterevidence. Since I can’t say that with absolute certainty, I have to assign a probability to this unknown by feel, using, for example, a cost-benefit evaluation. The costs for a counter study would be meager. At the same time, the benefit for interested parties such as the pharmaceutical industry would be enormous. On the one hand, this tiresome topic would be settled. On the other hand, these circles would have secured further customers, e.g., the followers of the Germanic New Medicine. Therefore, I would rate the probability that this experiment did not take place at 0.01%, which is still a high estimate.

However, suppose this proof was not used in court. In that case, one can logically rely on the result of this attempted refutation because otherwise, one would have used this study, of course. The probability that the Germanic New Medicine was proven is 100- 0.01%, thus 99.99%.

Therefore, with the absence of the counter-study, it is logical to assume that the counter-study failed. This means that the Germanic New Medicine laws are probably valid and have been proven in the meantime.

Reinforcing, this is the fact that Dr. Hamer has been doing practical studies himself for 30 years. There have also been some studies by other doctors and universities, which must be considered independent since Dr. Hamer has no means to “convince” them.

Another strong indication for the Germanic New Medicine’s correctness is the behavior of Dr. Hamer‘s opponents, e.g., the media.

These avoid it downright conspicuously to bring up the subject, which is actually at stake, namely the 5 laws. One cannot avoid the impression that this is the case. The thought could not arise at all that “illnesses” are, in reality, special programs, which do not develop evenly by coincidence but are so willed by nature.

The media discuss basically, in this case, preferably past the topic and work themselves off at the person of the discoverer. If you want to call it that, this work on the person consists of primitive insults using neurolingual programming, such as the use of the term “anti-Semite” or “charlatan.”

This strategy of deviating from the matter at hand and attacking the person instead is a standard tool when the party using it cannot score a point on the matter at hand. Only then does a “discussion partner” use this perfidious strategy.

In the book “The Art of Being Right,” Schopenhauer brings this to the point: “In becoming personal, however, one leaves the subject matter altogether and directs one’s attack at the person of the opponent: one thus becomes grievous, malicious, insulting, coarse. It is an appeal from the powers of the spirit to those of the body, or to animality.”

When such a strategy is used, it is actually a weakness in the subject matter, i.e., the use of personal attacks reinforces the observer’s view, such as myself, that the one so attacked is right in the subject matter itself. By the way, such behavior is, of course, incredibly pathetic, especially in a scientific discussion, and is looking – probably without result – for its equal in the entire history of mankind.

Furthermore, it was argued before the court that 99% of the medical profession see things differently than Dr. Hamer, i.e., it was tried to score points with the majority.

This is also wholly unscientific, primarily because of physicians’ consequences if they admit to it. Dr. Hamer has litigated in court. After all, his license to practice medicine was withdrawn because he did not want to renounce the Germanic New Medicine. From this, you can already see the consequences, i.e., the threat of loss of existence.

In the Middle Ages, when a witch was burned, you could also ask the mob whether they believed that the condemned person was really a witch. Most people are cowards and avoid problems – this is also a consequence of evolution, just like the innate herd instinct, which is basically in the way of new knowledge.

Furthermore, it is a law of nature that new realizations are believed first by few. For various reasons, the remainder, e.g., also material or entirely vain, resists against it downright. Exactly these financial or vain interests have always stood against innovations. I only remember Tesla’s alternating current, which was sabotaged by the dishonorable Edison and his backers. But as you can see from this Tesla-Edison example, the right thing eventually prevails anyway because of our electrical outlets today supply Tesla electricity.

Those who argue as the courts do have no real arguments. Those who don’t have proper arguments are wrong, i.e., the opposite is true.

For all these reasons, I assume with too high probability that the Germanic New Medicine is right. This is an introductory statement if one wants to make a prognosis because one must first prove that the probability of correctness is high before one devotes oneself to the question, …

Will the Germanic New Medicine prevail?

Whether an idea spreads and spreads depends on its intuitive correctness. The more people in percentage terms immediately say that there “might be something to it,” the more they will deal with it. More closely, significantly if it impacts them, and a reward in the form of an advantage beckon. The higher this advantage is, the more they deal with the new idea.

Of course, lies also spread, but with lower throughput and only with higher effort. The effort is higher because lies often have logical breaks immediately noticed by the most critical observers. Anyone who saw the 3 buildings collapse on 9/11 knows what I mean. With higher effort, I mean all standard propaganda practices, so especially repetition and intensity of dissemination, but also like a few “experts.” However, this also includes unpleasant things like sanctions, should one not buy the lie or even find out that it is a lie. The opposite of sanctions, namely rewards, also belongs to the spreading of lies. This is usually used to buy the official multipliers.

The more confusing a thing is, the less likely it is to catch on quickly and, above all, permanently. Conversely, a truth can hardly be stopped if it is the alternative to an illogical lie, the antipole, so to speak. Truth and lie are competitors, which develop a force depending upon faith-worthiness, which is reflected in the number of the followers and their number change per time unit.

If not the most important, an essential parameter is the trust earned by the system that wants to spread a lie. If it loses trust, all its statements are looked at more critically than if it still had the people’s trust unrestrictedly. It has it’s opposite, an awakened population substantially more challenging to spread further lies. In the end, it even has problems if it tells the truth for once. A liar is not believed, even if he speaks the truth for once.

Furthermore, indeed, people are always more critical when it affects them directly. And if they consider it existential whether a thing that is claimed is real or not.

However, the most crucial point for the degree of dissemination is the motivation of the people who find a thing to be true to distribute this truth. That is an essential parameter in the equation when asking which version of a story will ultimately win. Basically, such a battle of 2 versions for ultimate dominance has the character of a war that is fought absolutely bitterly until the decision is made. There are no compromises in these things because only one of the two versions can win in the end. Because this is so, the different parties can be seen as armies with different motivations. Those who study the wisdom of Sun Su’s Art of War know that there is nothing more important than the fighting morale of an army. To maintain an army’s morale, the commander can use a variety of methods, such as punishment, decimation, and cheering. If all this doesn’t help, mercenaries can still be recruited (keyword: kick-ass), professional but unreliable, especially when the going gets tough.

After these general words, I would like to take a closer look at the Germanic New Medicine.

Here there are basically 3 different parties.

One party is the fanatical opponents of the Germanic New Medicine. These currently have the sovereignty of interpretation and the most followers/believers. Furthermore, this party has unlimited means, both financial and media. They also can enforce sanctions of any severity. They currently still occupy all strategically essential positions in institutes, both education, research, and science. Furthermore, they control politics, the executive branch, and the courts. At first glance, a fearsome adversary is mainly because they are completely immoral and use every trick in the book.

However, their credibility is rapidly dwindling. The propaganda they use has long since passed the zenith of its power. Their hired scribes in the press have reached one of the lowest reputations of all time, ranking below prostitutes and car dealers.

The people, whom I define as Group 3 (see below) and who are ultimately at stake in this information war, eye them with extreme suspicion. They will never be able to regain the trust they have lost in the meantime. That’s the way it is with trust.

Their last propaganda moves, such as the swine flu vaccination, were a disaster, as could be seen from the low “success” at the time. The swine flu vaccination campaign’s moderate success is easy to explain because the people rarely speak their right minds as long as it is about trivia. But when they feel threatened, they react completely differently, switching to a different behavioral mode, so to speak. A herd of cattle reacts similarly as long as it feels safe. Then a small electric fence is sufficient to keep them in check, whereby the political correctness is transferred to humans by the electric fence of the people. But if the people feel threatened, they react like a cow that wants to be dragged to the slaughter. This becomes renitent and resists, becomes downright violent. Farmers will confirm that it is an entirely different cow depending on the mode. The information war about the swine flu vaccination was therefore also fought with relentless harshness and vehemence.

The swine flu campaign’s failure has brought to light yet another detail about this group: hubris. This overconfidence was made clear by the number of vaccine doses ordered, on which the system was left sitting. Overconfidence is pretty much always a guarantee for the failure of a campaign. Because a field army must always assess its own army and that of the enemy realistically. Sun Szu also says this.

However, the lowest reputation besides the armaments industry is that of the pharmaceutical industry, which also belongs to Group 1. This is classified as greedy, corrupt, mendacious, and criminal by an overwhelming majority.

The system to which group 1 belongs is disintegrating. It realizes that people do not believe its propaganda enough in reality. The sheer mass of the people obviously and above all justifiably frightens them. Because, for every one of these fanatics, there are at least 1000 from the people. Fear, however, leads to disloyalty and desertion. The measures against this, such as surveillance, are laughable, counterproductive, and seemingly helpless. It makes about the same sense as knowing how high the pressure was in the boiler just before it blew up in your face. For every one they take out of circulation, there are 10 new ones, because this measure is of course thoroughly unpopular, because who likes to be spied on? Their control mechanism is so counterproductive for this group that you have to conclude that they don’t act very logically.

Even the punishments in the form of public media executions no longer work properly because they are disgusted by this practice. You can see this exemplarily in the case of Eva Hermann. Her inquisitor Kerner is now not even allowed to advertise Gutfried. However, he would be ideal as an advertising icon for chicken breasts. Among real men, this Kerner can’t even show his face anymore. It’s clear who actually got the short end of the stick: The system behind Kerner. Creating martyrs among the opponents doesn’t make much sense, especially when it’s a blond woman. Actually trivial.

Cancer therapy’s successes are so moderate that this system does not comment at all on its non-existent successes. This, of course, indicates that it has no successes to show, on the contrary. Otherwise, it would boast about it, spread it permanently in its media, publish statistics, bring examples of happy pharmaceutical patients in the media. Unfortunately for the system, “chemo patients” are hardly presentable in reality and usually not happy.

Among the people, the term “chemotherapy” alone is loaded with the most extreme negative emotions. The only thing they have to offer is a nightmare that you don’t envy your worst enemy. Suppose the people accept this “therapy” at all. In that case, it is only because they know of no alternative, and the people concerned are scared to death, which makes them grasp at what appears to be the last straw.

Herewith group 1 is sufficiently described to swing to group 2, the followers of the Germanic New Medicine.

The followers of Germanic New Medicine are still outnumbered. They have only a fraction of their opponents’ resources. They are forced to use partisan tactics because their opponents do not offer them an open battlefield such as media discussion. Their primary medium is the Internet, but now also larger gatherings such as the AZK conference.

Their number is continuously increasing. This can be seen by the fact that there was only 1 man, namely Dr. Hamer, who was also predominantly scientific.

The credibility of this group among the people is much higher than that of the opponents. This can also be seen in other of their successes, which are not thematically related to Germanic New Medicine, but logically belong to it. The 9/11 critics’ success speaks volumes and works on the same principle, with the same means and the same type of people.

I would describe this type as emotionally healthy because they are characterized by not going under the yoke of the herd instinct. So these people feel they can survive in the herd, but they also go where it hurts on their own – this is called courage.

This group is highly motivated and fights for their cause voluntarily and mostly unpaid. Their will to fight arises from noble motives such as the desire to help. But it also springs from hatred of the system.

The will to fight this group is so great that I predict that this group will never surrender. Nor will they compromise.

This group’s alternative is a ray of hope for humanity and is logical in itself. It is easy to explain, i.e., everyone among the people can understand their concept.

This group does not even need to use punishment to maintain discipline because the motivation is excellent.

Unlike their opponents, this group has not yet exhausted its true potential, i.e., new tactics can still be expected here.

The fluctuation in this group is extremely low. Hardly anyone who has joined this group once will leave it again. This is the main reason for its steady growth, this one-way street of decisions.

This group has an influx for many reasons. Above all, because its opponents are recognized in the meantime by ever more humans as hostile, immoral mega-network. Because this construct causes even more damage, not only in medicine but in all areas. More and more people feel this opposing mega-system as threatening, so they fall into another mode in which they are more receptive to the Germanic New Medicine. The feeling of threat makes it alert.

Moreover, the Germanic New Medicine group has many allies and sympathizers who fight against other system abuses. The opponents of these groups are the same. Therefore one can consider, e.g., all 9/11 critics as allies. If one does this, the coalition of opponents of the system is already legion and, realistically, much more fearsome, purely in terms of numbers, than the system camp.

Let’s move on to the third group, the people.

Ultimately, it is about the people’s favor, i.e., the two groups presented before are opponents in the battle for the heads of this stagnant pool.

This group’s trust in the system is rapidly dwindling. This group is increasingly moving along alternative paths. This trend is clearly discernible and is growing stronger by the day. It is also irreversible, i.e., it is mathematically a function with a positive first derivative.

The propaganda of the system, therefore, works less and less. On the one hand, it is the dwindling number of “believers” and, on the other hand, the headwind of the increasing number of apostates that they face.

The herd instinct that makes the members of this group stay in the system camp decreases day by day, only by the sheer number of deviants.

This also describes this group, so I come to the forecast.

One can now list all relevant parameters, like a current number of camps or means for propaganda. But since it is all numerically unquantifiable anyway, it also makes little sense to set up a formula.

I think that it is clear that the camp of the followers of the Germanic New Medicine is continuously growing. Accordingly, a forecast is also trivial since it does not matter how significant growth is precise. It is merely a question of time until the Germanic New Medicine will prevail.

A small example: If there are 100 people on one side, 1 on the other, and there is a continuous change of 1 person per day to this site, it will just take 100 days. It is merely a question of time.

For the distribution of new knowledge, one can assume something like the e-function as a function, which looks like this:

This e-function is characterized by the fact that it runs very flat for a relatively long time but becomes steadily steeper. I.e., that both the Y-values increase more and more, and the increase itself increases. In the end, it goes relatively fast, then this curve disappears in infinity.

This curve describes quite probably approximately the numerical development in the camp of the Germanic New Medicine followers.

Therefore, my answer to whether the Germanic New Medicine will prevail is: Yes, it is only a question of time. I consider the probability of this prognosis to be very high.

Therefore, I would now like to move on to the next question, namely the question.

What will be the immediate consequence after the implementation of Germanic New Medicine?

First of all, the last chapter’s realization is that the Germanic New Medicine will establish itself slowly at first, then faster and faster. I.e., that the number of people who will learn about it will increase rapidly in the end.

This realization will become aware of the people, therefore mostly in a flash, whereby they will be -laconically said- surprised. Above all, because it concerns the most important topic at all, i.e., health.

This will lead to an alternating bath of emotions. On the one hand, of course, hope and joy because of the new possibilities. But on the other hand, first of all, the question of how long this has been known. This question will be asked by everyone, especially since they will receive both information, namely the laws of the Germanic New Medicine and its history, at the same time.

But when they then find out that these findings have been suppressed, they will become angry. The degree of anger will vary and will probably be Gauss-distributed.

Those who have lost beloved relatives and friends because these realizations were suppressed will develop extreme hatred. They will relive the time of that loss and feel the pain once again. This pain will be transformed into hatred by the new realization that it was just not a coincidence, but that there are culprits. This group will – to put it mildly – become furious.

Everyone else who has not suffered such losses will also become extremely angry because they realize that they have lied. With the lie having created permanent fear in you. Besides, most people have an innate sense of justice, which will be hurt to this maximum. Furthermore, even this group will be confronted with the other group’s experiences. Which will intensify their emotions, as it is with stories, even if they do not directly affect you. This is called empathy.

Now the question will trigger these emotions, the most important question being how many will be affected.

My guess is that just about everyone will be affected. Since the suppression of knowledge has been going on for over 30 years. You could extrapolate that now, how many will be affected. The result will be that it is just about everyone. By the pure mass, it will come to the effect of the “mutually incite.”

I.e., the system will find itself relatively quickly facing such a massive mass of hate citizens that it dissolves, flees, or is dissolved. The masses will not believe anything they put forward as an excuse. It is generally tricky to discuss with hostile crowds because they want to act out their aggression.

Even the executive branch will be affected, e.g., the police and the army. Because in the executive, there are precisely the same affected people as in ordinary people. The executive will, therefore, be abruptly disloyal to the system and will not protect it.

Since the number is in the millions who are incited by this to the maximum, I expect a unique historical event. I think something like this has never happened before with such explosive power.

Besides, this will spill over the national borders, so that these processes will spread rapidly over all countries. The consequences will be extreme and similar everywhere.

I expect this raging mass to take over the existing system structures relatively quickly, which will happen more or less violently and will be more or less chaotic. There will likely be a phase of anarchy in which parts of the hate citizens will logically take revenge on their own. Without law and executive power, of course, blood feuds and lynchings will run rampant, which is why there is a law to curb these phenomena. It is clearly expected that the most exposed opponents will be known to the masses in this phase because they belong to history just like the 5 laws. Furthermore, it will hit the media and the pharmaceutical industry almost across the board.

After a new order is established, it must restore legal peace. In the process, the new leaders will be eyed suspiciously and therefore forced to clean things up. The masses will not be satisfied with just a few exemplary scapegoats being presented and judged. They will then be suspicious to the maximum and would recognize such a move because they will expect it. The old doll-change-you game won’t work. I assume that people will insist on rolling up the entire ditch, from the bottom to the top.

This crowd wants to know one thing above all else: Who exactly knew about it, who was responsible, and who, above all, used this medicine for themselves.

For these groups, it becomes hugely “uncomfortable.” They will also never be forgiven, not in 1000 years.

Whether this can be prevented can be answered as follows: With each day less. However, the probability that it can be prevented at all is now already very low.

Incidentally, I do not find my forecast particularly surprising, complicated, or illogical. It could have been logically deduced 30 years ago when the decision was made to go down this path. Therefore, it would make me think if I were an exposed opponent of the Germanic New Medicine. It has always been a common means to get people or groups to “soil” themselves to blackmail them afterward and/or throw them to the people as scapegoats. But now, these individuals do not need to worry about something like that. Because the drop has sucked, and the point of no return has long been passed.

These will most likely be the immediate consequences, but…

What will be the long-term consequences of the Germanic New Medicine?

The consequences, when the Germanic New Medicine will finally be applied nationwide, are so extensive that they could neither be predicted nor described altogether. A new impulse will be set not only in medicine but also in many other sciences, leading to many effects.

I will, therefore, limit myself to a few points that I expect.

For medicine

For medicine, the Germanic New Medicine realization will mean nothing else than a completely new age, mainly due to the technical support using CT. Most current books are likely to end up in the antiquarian bookstore, right next to those from the Middle Ages that praised bloodletting as a panacea. Future generations of physicians will read these old hams with a shake of the head, just as today’s bloodletting books are smiled at. That’s just the way progress is – things come, things go.

The death rate from “cancer” and other diseases will drop dramatically, i.e., mankind will be relieved of most of its plagues and fears.

The pharmaceutical industry will no longer exist in this form, i.e., completely different people will control it. It will also shrink enormously. After the disaster, the people will demand that the pharmaceutical industry be nationalized. Because of the conflict of interests between money and health will finally be recognized hard-core in its non-logic. No one will even dare to argue against it.

CTs’ importance will be recognized, i.e., they will be given a much higher status and become mandatory for many more diseases. The number of these devices will increase significantly, as will their performance. Also, they will become much cheaper, since it will be a mass product. They will also be much faster, meaning a CT will be done in a few minutes. CT machines will become more compact.

There will be completely new computer systems connected to the CTs.

The images that these CTs produce will be automatically examined by programs for Hamer’s foci. Higher resolutions will likely allow much more exciting information to be seen that may not be seen today. There will also be a means to enhance this information, a kind of contrast agent for Hamer’s foci (or the extensions from them as resolution increases).

The CT images will be scanned automatically. The abnormalities found will be analyzed using massive databases containing the scans of millions, including findings. This matching result is an automatic diagnosis and a detailed report, which today still has to be made by hand. Furthermore, this will also make prognoses possible when acute abnormalities are detected.

Doctors will work differently, namely much more on conflict resolution instead of symptomatology.

Brain research will be identified as the most crucial research because the brain will be recognized as the source of “diseases.” Perhaps this will result in entirely new medications to abort an ongoing conflict if that makes sense.

For society

The Germanic New Medicine findings will lead to the fact that society will be felt as right if it causes as few conflicts as possible, which in turn leads to “diseases.”

The number of “diseases,” i.e., conflicts, will become the measure of society’s success. Sabotage such as early sexualization will disappear because it will be proven that it leads to DHS.

Conflicts will be explained in school so that people know about them and can avoid them.

Knowing the consequences of turf conflict will lead to different work behaviors. Ultimately new company styles will develop from it.

The policy will finally have to recognize that humans are too large parts of a machine. Which cannot be reprogrammed in essential points because it concerns ROM (Read Only Memory) and just not overwritable programs. The policy, which is based on the fact that it is possible to create a new human being through propaganda, will disappear. Instead, medicine will dictate to politics how it has to be so that there will be as few conflicts as possible.

Animal rights activists will use the new knowledge to prove that humans and animals are similar and have the same problems. This will replace the current woolly reasoning with hard facts (CTs). All current repulsive animal factories and factory farms will be discredited and banned by this. Animals, in general, will get many more rights.

For literature

I have saved this point for the end. There will be many books about Dr. Hamer, not only about his findings but about his whole life. His present enemies will not come off very well because he will then have a completely different status. He will be far above them, and they will be the dirt under his shoes.

I would like to describe this with a short story.

There is a small place on Lake Garda called Malcesine. This place was explicitly mentioned by Goethe in his “Italian Journey” because a funny story happened to him there.

Goethe was on his way from Torbole on the north shore to Bardolino in the middle of Lake Garda when unfavorable winds came up and took him to Malcesine. There he made some sketches of the Scaliger castle, which was noticed by some Malcesine people. They confronted him because they thought he was an Austrian spy. Fortunately for Malcesine, they had the idea to call in one of their inhabitants, who had more brains than the other village idiots. The latter immediately recognized the genius Goethe and invited him to join them.

In any case, the initially unpleasant story was turned around and became perhaps the most delicious story of Goethe’s life. The town of Malcesine has benefited enormously from this and therefore still attracts visitors today. Some of them come just to see the castle where the spectacle took place and still want to spend the night in the inn where Goethe stayed at that time. It is necessary to know that Goethe was in this place only 1 day.

Nevertheless, 150 years later, some people wanted to know precisely. These were researched after the landlord rummaged through all information, e.g., all birth lists. They meticulously tried to clarify every detail.

And in the same way, one will clarify every detail over judges, media employees, etc…, if the Germanic new medicine will have become generally accepted.

One must not forget that Goethe was a genius, but “only” a poet. Of course, there is nothing nicer than a Goethe poem with a good bottle of Barolo. That’s really great, but the most important thing is health, i.e., someone who made a decisive breakthrough in medicine will be much more interesting for later generations. It will merely interest everyone because everyone values health more than a poem.

The louder people scream “charlatan” today. The more impossible they will come across in this literature, significantly since these books are naturally enriched by the consequences, namely the millions of deaths. These “charlatan screamers” should remember that they will never be forgotten.

In my little metaphor about Malcesine, these people are the village idiots.

To each his own Schiller

In my opinion, there are 3 groups in this topic of the Germanic New Medicine, to which I give a Schiller quotation in conclusion in a different way.

To the friends of the Germanic New Medicine

Let us be a single nation of brothers,
in no adversity to divide us or danger.
We want to be free, as the fathers were,
rather die than live in bondage.
We will trust in the highest God
and not be afraid of the power of men.

To the fickle

Joan of Arc! To the gates of Reims
You have reached the gates of Rheims on the wings of victory.
May the glory you have won be yours.
Release the happiness that has served you as a slave,
Before it frees itself with a vengeance, it hates loyalty.
Faithfulness and no one it serves to the end.

Look! There rises Rheims with its towers,
The goal and end of your journey – the dome
Of the high cathedral, you see shining,
There thou shalt triumphantly enter,
Crown your king, redeem your vows.
Do not go in. Turn back. Hear my warning.

To the enemies of the Germanic New Medicine

O certainly! That worries them up there!
That disturbs them in their golden rest!
But be it so! I give you the samples,
Go always, fresh to the Tiber stream!
Gods yet live that avenge perjury.
In them, my heart trusts. Go, leave thee.
To the waves! I know you think of me,
When your ships break between the cliffs.

Absent I hasten after thee in black flames,
And terrible, when this body’s bonds
Death’s cold hand broke,
My spirit shall chase thee o’er sea and land.
Thou shalt pay me, dreadful, dreadful!
I still hear it, when they have long since buried me,
In the realm of shadows, I will feast.
In the realm of shadows, I will feast on this joyful message. 

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