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If you think Olivia is the only victim to get Dr. Hamer busted, you are wrong!

REHKLAU SUSANNE (2010) - another strange case

A girl of about twelve years old had cancer and together with her parents and siblings, she refused chemotherapy! The whole family agreed! The child was finally dragged to court and without the help of her mother, the judge shouted in the child’s face: “You are dying! The girl also died unexpectedly. The emergency doctor said the cause of death: brain stem poisoning.

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    SIGHILD - so-called insulin process.

    The little girl Sighild died of diabetes. The parents were accused of not having injected insulin.

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      A girl dies and it’s Hamer’s fault. Yes, of course!

      ANGELO (1996) - an almost identical case

      At the same time as the case of Olivia, the case of Angelo took place. The boy had a bilateral Wilms’ tumor, similar to Olivia (unilateral). The parents proceeded according to Hamer. At our criminal trial, we wanted to present this case as evidence that Dr. Hamer was right and that we parents made the right decision. The judge simply wiped the case, Angelo, off the table as if it had never existed. During the later operation, the surgeon let Angelo bleed to death. Angelo had to die. A terrible story!

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        SCHARPF KATHARINA (1991) - Father fled with his daughter

        A little girl has cancer and is bled to death by the doctors with chemo. Dr. Hamer tries in vain to help. The father flees from conventional medicine with his daughter abroad

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