Testimonial of a spontaneous healing

Dear Friends of the Germanische Heilkunde of Doctor med. Master of Theology, Ryke Geerd Hamer

Today’s topic: Ozena, also known as the Stinky Nose.

Today’s post is again my testimonial concerning my left nose.

A stinky nose – or ozena – is an unpleasant and quite often embarrassing symptom I have suffered for almost 20 years. The smell from the nose resembles the stench of cat shit. Very often, I was afraid that my counterpart would smell this stench. When kissing my wife, she often had to turn me away. A very embarrassing affair, as I said!
Clark Gable also suffered from this, and his film partners complained a lot about the stench from his nose, which they had to endure during the kissing scenes during filming. Today my nose has been free of the stench for a year, and today I also know why I had this stinky nose for 20 years. During this 20 year ordeal, I was unable to identify the cause. But nice and slow and one after the other …

This stinky nose started in 1999. I remember very well when I was searching for a rotten bone in the apartment because, at first, I thought our dog had buried one somewhere. It took me a few hours to realize that this stench was coming directly from my nose.

I, of course, asked Dr. Hamer about the cause. The cause was a scent conflict. It would be a bad-smelling morsel concerning the left nose, which one could not get rid of. Concerning the right nose, it would be a good smelling morsel, which one could not get. As an example, he gave me his little cat, from whose left nose a stinking secretion flowed again and again. He assumed that this little cat would be punished by the other cats over and over again. The associated tissue would be the developmentally old intestinal mucosa under the squamous mucosa of the nose. In the conflict-active phase, the nasal polyps develop, and in the healing phase, they are broken down tuberculously. As is well known, any tuberculous healing phase stinks of carrion. So the ozena is hanging healing of an olfactory morsel. The biological sense is in the active phase to get the desired olfactory morsel by a cell multiplication (and thus more mucus), or – as in my case concerning the left nose – not to get rid of an unwanted or bad olfactory morsel.

So the cause of my stinky nose was in 1999. That year I was punished once, and in the process, a track programmed itself in, which caused me recurrences repeatedly. Since I had this stinky nose in one through and without a break for 20 years, I must have been on and off this track very frequently. Once I went to an ENT and had my nose looked at. The mucous membrane was very fissured, but he saw polyps only rudimentarily, the ENT doctor said. This picture also fits hanging healing! The tonsils, which are the same tissue, also appear fissured in hanging healing.

I was punished again and again! From the authorities, for example. My wife or Geerd both punished me, so sometimes, if I had done something. And with everyone involved, I had to deal always and very often. First and foremost, I suspected my wife, as I know today, wrongly.

For many years I went on lecture tours lasting several weeks. When I was on the road, my nose did not stink so miserably. But as soon as I got home, it started to stink. Was I getting into a hanging cure at home? Was my wife the track?

About five years ago, we were together on a sailing ship in the Caribbean for about two weeks. My stinky nose was virtually non-existent during that vacation. It didn’t stink at all, even though I was on that sailing ship with my wife the whole time. Back home, I had a stinky nose again immediately.

There were healing phases that were particularly severe. In the morning, I often had to empty my nose. I snotted a sheet of these paper kitchen rolls full. Handkerchiefs were too small for me. It also crusted in my nose and that for several weeks. It was always particularly severe after a raid on my event by the Antifa or the media. And I had experienced these attacks several times.

Today I am sitting here in Paraguay for one year, together with my wife, Erika. My stinky nose disappeared within the first four weeks of my being here. I can breathe completely freely, even at night. It is as if I never had a stinky nose. And today, the conflict is as clear as day to me!

It was my lecture activity! I must have been punished once at a lecture in 1999. Which event precisely that was, I cannot say any more today. The tracks were the lectures or my fear that this lecture could be sabotaged again by somebody. During the lecture trips, which lasted several weeks, I was always on track. When I came home, I was safe, and thus I came entirely off the track and thus also fully into the healing phase. Of course, there were also lecture weeks where there was no danger for me at all. In such a case, I was also in this stinking healing phase during these travel weeks.
All in all, I was on the road for about 20 years and without more extended interruption, always about three weeks at a time and one week at home. Into the potatoes and out of the potatoes, Dr. Hamer would have said. The result synchronous to my psyche on my organ level was the hanging cure of my olfactory morsel conflict, known as ozena. Here in Paraguay, I do not give lectures or seminars. Therefore, my ozena disappeared. I did not resolve this conflict, certainly not! When I think back to these incidents with Antifa, even today, I feel like throwing up. I cannot laugh about it! However, I can avoid this track, and thus the stinky nose disappeared. This therapy did not cost anything, and it did not cause any side effects. My nose is perfectly fine today! So my report is a report of spontaneous healing!

Spontaneous healing is the declared goal in Germanische Heilkunde®! However, spontaneous healing can happen only after a successful conflict resolution. It is, therefore, necessary to solve precisely that moment of shock which was the cause at that time. To find this conflict is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But there is no alternative. And even when this conflict has been found, it is not always the solution. A conflict is solved when it can no longer happen or when one can laugh about it. I cannot laugh until today about these terror actions of the Antifa and the media against my lecture activity. But I was able to avoid this terror by emigrating to Paraguay. It is so similar, as with the goose and the fox. The goose cannot solve the conflict with the fox, but it can avoid it. The goose does this instinctively! We, humans, have lost these instincts mostly and must learn now laboriously these biological connections intellectually.
Nevertheless, the question remains open whether one is ready as a patient to change the own life so much that the tracks can be avoided. Emigrating to South America is not everyone’s cup of tea. But unfortunately, there is no alternative to natural laws.

I hope to have familiarized you, dear student, a little bit with the conflict content “smelling morsel.”

Bye, until the next video

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