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Squamous ulcers of the outer skin (epidermal ulcers) with loss of sensibility, right side of the body. Combined ulceration and sensory loss.


Separation conflict

Break-off of physical contact (local separation). In nature, loss of contact with the family/herd is usually fatal, so this conflict is very significant.

Note: We are not single! Two types of separation (would like or would not like).

  • for the right-handed person concerning partner
  • for the left-handed person concerning mother or child


  • The contact broke off.
  • Torn apart.

Hamer Focus:

HH in sensory and post-sensory cortex center right cortical from interhemispheric to basal-lateral.

Aktive phase:

Flat epidermal ulcers that cannot be seen macroscopically. The skin feels rough, is pale, poorly perfused, cold. The skin sensitivity is more and more limited or canceled. The patient feels little or nothing (pale, scaly neurodermatitis).

Also, short-term memory impairment: the mother animal no longer recognizes her young, for example. Short-term memory impairment still extends into the edema phase (due to the dissociation of brain cells).


The skin becomes red, hot, swells. This manifestation or efflorescences we call Exanthema, Dermatitis, Urticaria, Blooming Neurodermatitis, or Eczema. The skin is apparently sick. That is why dermatologists used to count most of the epidermis’ skin diseases from conflictolysis, out of ignorance of Germanische Heilkunde®. In reality, the formation of ulcers was earlier. In the pcl-phase is the great healing. However, since the ca-phase may have lasted a long time, the pcl-phase may also take a correspondingly long time. Also, (unnoticed) recurrences can occur again, which can cause new pcl-phases with the corresponding prolongation of the healing process (so-called relapses), here also trigeminal neuralgia in the area of the face. WARNING of the syndrome.


Absence and numbness

Biologischer Sinn:

Aktive phase

Due to degradation of sensitivity bound to the squamous epithelium, temporary forgetfulness of the mother, child, or partners (extends into the edema phase).


Outer-skin scheme


Experience reports