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The tonsils are about a morsel conflict. Right side: not getting a good morsel. Left side: not getting rid of a bad morsel. Since it is a glandular tissue and is controlled from the brainstem, handedness has no influence here. In the active phase (mostly unnoticed), there is cell proliferation, and in the healing phase, there is tuberculous and painful degradation.

Nase E 1


The Tonsils is the healing phase of a morsel conflict. Left side = want to get rid of a morsel. Right side = want to get a morsel. In the healing phase is a tubercular breakdown (pain, angina).

    Swollen Tonsil

    With the tonsils, it is all about the morsel. Right side – you can’t get the good morsel. Left side – you cannot get rid of the bad morsel. The cell proliferation of the active phase is reduced during the healing phase under swelling tuberculosis.

      Tonsillar Carcinoma

      Tonsillar carcinoma is the conflict-active phase of a morsel conflict. Left side = not getting rid of the unwanted morsel. Right side = not getting the desired morsel.

        Sore Throat

        Sore throat is a typical symptom of the healing phase after tonsil cancer (see Tonsillitis).