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Each tendon has a specific self-value collapse as its cause, e.g., a child not being able to hold on = tendons of the mother/child hand. In hanging healing, they can ossify.

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Achilles Tendon Pain

Achilles tendon pain is the healing phase of a slight self-devaluation conflict, which is related to “walking.”

    Heel Spur

    The heel spur is caused by hanging healing of a slight self-devaluation-conflict related to walking. The tendon ossifies as a result.

      Calcified Shoulder

      The calcified shoulder is caused by the ossification of the visual appendages as a result of hanging healing. Each tendon has its own conflict content according to its function. The tendons at the shoulder: “Not being able to embrace or repel”.

        Shoulder Pain

        Typically, shoulder pain stems from a resolved self-devaluation conflict affecting the bone, one has been a bad partner to one’s partner or a bad child to one’s mother, or a bad parent to one’s child. The cartilage would have a lighter SDC and the tendons also involve arm movement (unable to hug).

          Torn Tendon

          Our body is so oversized that normally no tendon tears – except in accidents. However, if a tendon tears, then an SBS must be expired! In the active phase of a self-devaluation collapse, concerning the movement to be performed, the tendon necrotizes and can tear. During healing, it is replenished with swelling (inflammation). In the end, the swelling has gone down again, but the tendon remains thicker. And a thicker tendon is better than a thinner one (luxury group).


            Tendinitis is the healing phase of a self-devaluation “not being able to get a situation under control”, concerning partner or mother/child. The handiness is therefore crucial. Inflammation, by the way, is always healing, no matter what SBS. If it is chronic, then there must be a track.

              Tendon Thickening

              The tendon thickening remains at the end of the healing phase because a thicker tendon is better than a thinner (necrotizing) tendon. So you should be less afraid of the symptom and more afraid of the cause! If a hanging cure is achieved by a track, the tendon becomes thicker and thicker. And that is not sensible!