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A distinction must be made between the pancreas’ glandular tissue (fight and the morsel, inheritance conflicts) and the excretory duct (territorial anger). Moreover, there are the islet cells (hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia).



Diabetes is the conflict-active phase of a male resistance conflict or female fear-disgust conflict. In this special program, there is a functional failure of the beta-island cells. Therefore, no insulin is produced.


    Pancreatitis is the healing phase of a male territorial anger or female identity conflict, concerning the excretory duct of the pancreas (squamous epithelium).

      Pancreatic Cancer

      Pancreatic Cancer can be diagnosed in conventional medicine in both cases: 1) The glandular tissue in the active phase (fight for the morsel) or 2.) the squamous epithelium of the excretory duct in the healing phase (territorial or identity conflict).

        Ketoacidosis Coma

        The ketoacidosis coma is the diabetic coma, as a very strong sugar excess. The cause of diabetes is a female disgust or male resistance conflict. The ketoacidosis coma can be the conflict-active phase of this SBS, but also the crisis.


          Hypoglycemia is the active phase of a female anxiety disgust or a male resisting conflict concerning the alpha-islet cells (loss of function). No sugar is produced. The brain relay is located in the precinct area, where the handiness and the hormone situation is important.

            Digestive Enzymes

            It may be necessary to substitute the digestive enzymes after pancreatic cancer has been cured. After a tuberculous healing phase, initial tissue may be missing.