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In the nose we have the squamous mucosa with its cause stink or scent conflict. But there is also the olfactory conflict with functional failure.

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Anosmia (Loss Of Sense Of Smell)

In the active phase of an olfactory conflict (this stench must not be true!) exactly this smell is faded out. This is also the biological sense of this SBS. In the healing phase, an olfactory conflict occurs and one has a severely impaired sense of smell or even a loss of the sense of smell (anomie).

    Runny Nose

    Runny nose (rhinitis) is the healing phase or the hanging healing of a smell, stink conflict, concerning the nasal mucous membrane.

      Stuffy Nose

      When the nose is congested, this means the healing phase of a smell or stink conflict concerning the nasal mucosa.


        The cause of nosebleeds can be the healing phase of a nasal mucosal ulcer (resolved stink conflict) or the healing phase after a resolved self-devaluation-conflict affecting the bone (leukemia).

          Nasal Polyps

          The nasal polyps develop in the conflict-active phase of a scent morsel conflict. Right side: not getting the desired scent morsel. Left side: not getting rid of an unwanted scent morsel.

            Nasal Mucosa Cancer

            In the conflict-active phase of a conflict that has to do with the inside of the nose (stink, scent conflict), an ulcer develops in the nasal mucosa. The handiness is decisive.



                Sneezing is the crisis of a scent or stinky conflict affecting the nasal mucosa.

                  Ozaena (Stinky Nose)

                  The ozaena – also called stinky nose – is the hanging cure of a scent-conflict, concerning the old intestinal mucosa of the nose. Left side: not to get rid of a bad-smelling morsel. Right side: not getting a desired morsel of smell. The hanging active phase would be the nasal polyps.


                    Rhinitis is the hanging healing of a stink, scent conflict concerning the nasal mucosa.

                      Smell Ability

                      In the nose, apart from the squamous epithelium and the old intestinal mucosa, there is also the functional failure of the olfactory nerves. The cause is a scent conflict: it can’t be true what I smell!

                        Smell Loss

                        The smell loss is the healing phase of the functional loss of the smelling ability. Temporarily, there is no more smell during the healing phase.


                          Wer kennt ihn nicht, den Schnupfen? Jeder hatte einmal Schnupfen oder war verschnupft! Der Schnupfen ist die Heilungsphase der Plattenepithelschleimhaut der Nase nach einem gelösten Witterung-, Stinkekonflikt. Die Krise wäre das Niesen.