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The lymph node has a slight self-value intrusion as its conflict content and is controlled from the cerebral medulla. Similar to the bone, each lymph node has its own conflict content. The handedness is decisive.

grafik organ lymphknoten

Poor Lymph Drainage

In the healing phase, after a slight decrease in self-devaluation-conflict, the necroses are replenished by the bacteria, causing swelling. In such a temporary healing phase it can lead to poor lymph drainage.

    Lymph Node Cancer

    Lymph node cancer is the healing phase after a slight drop in self-devaluation. The lymph node belongs to the bone. Every lymph node (armpit, groin … left, the right side of the body) has its own self-value content, just like the bone.

      Lymph Node Swelling

      The swelling of lymph nodes can have two different causes. Either the lymph node is near an abscess and has increased activity. In this case, it has no cell division and is considered “benign” in conventional medicine. Or the lymph node is in the healing phase of a slight self-devaluation. Then the lymph node has cell division and is considered “evil” in conventional medicine.


        In lymphoma, a distinction must be made between the lymph node (healing after a slight decrease in self-devaluation, Hodgkin’s disease) and the gill arches ganglion cyst (healing after a frontal fear conflict) and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The lymph node belongs to the connective tissue, while the old gill arches are covered with squamous epithelium. However, both are symptoms of healing phases.

          Spleen Cancer

          Spleen cancer is the healing phase after a resolved bleeding, injury conflict concerning the spleen.


            Bleeding, injury conflict affects the spleen. In the conflict-active phase, the spleen necrotizes. In the healing phase, the necroses are replenished with swelling. At the end of healing, the swelling goes down again. However, the spleen remains thicker than it was before and thus has a permanent increase in function (luxury group).

              Hodgkin'S Disease

              Hodgkin’s disease (lymph gland cancer) is the healing phase of a slight self-devaluation-conflict, affecting the lymph nodes. The lymph node belongs thematically to the bone. Each lymph node has its own self-esteem content (see Bones).

                Pfeiffer’S Disease

                After a resolved slight self-devaluation-conflict, the necroses of the involved lymph nodes are refilled with swelling during the vagotonic healing phase.

                  Groin Pain

                  What can hurt in the groin? When we cut through the hip in our mind we find connective tissue – bone, cartilage, lymph nodes, muscle, blood vessels. All of them have as their cause a self-devaluation conflict of not being able to get through. The handiness is decisive. In the active phase, the connective tissue necrotizes, and in the healing phase, it is replenished with the help of bacteria and under the swelling. This swelling hurts. So pain in the groin means a solved SDC, now you have been able to assert yourself!