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In the lungs, we have the pulmonary alveoli with the pulmonary round (fear of death). We have the bronchial mucosa with bronchitis and bronchial carcinoma (healing phase, fear of territory, fear of fright conflict). Then there are the mucus-secreting goblet cells (mucoviscidosis, fear of suffocation). In asthma, the bronchial muscles react.

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Asthma is a schizophrenic territorial constellation, where a conflict is just in crisis.
Bronchial asthma – crisis bronchial musculature
Laryngeal Asthma – Crisis laryngeal musculature

    Shortness Of Breath

    The shortness of breath can have several causes. Asthma, pericardial effusion, diaphragmatic spasm, pulmonary embolism …

      Blood Cough

      Blood – as bad as it looks – is always a sign of the healing phase. There are two reasons for coughing up blood: in the tuberculous healing after a pulmonary carcinoma (fear of death) or in the healing phase of the bronchial mucosa (territorial fear, fear of fright conflict).

        Bronchial Asthma

        In Bronchial Asthma, the motor bronchial relay is active in crisis (epileptic seizure), and in the left vis a vis territory area somewhere a Hamer Focus is active. For the time of the crisis, there is also a schizophrenic territorial constellation.

          Bronchial Cancer

          Bronchial Cancer is a curative swelling of the bronchial mucosa (squamous epithelium, territorial fear or fright anxiety conflict), which can lead to the closure of the bronchi (deficient ventilation of the lungs). In the end, this healing swelling subsides and the lungs are ventilated again.


            Bronchitis is the healing phase of the bronchial mucosa (squamous epithelium, external skin schema, territorial fear, or fear fright conflict).


              Chronic shortness of breath COPD can originate from the pulmonary alveoli (fear of death) or from the bronchial tubes ( territorial fear, fear-fright conflict).


                Pectus Carinatum (Chicken breast) is caused by polycyclic self-devaluation disorders affecting the rib cage (vicious circle), whereby the healing phases are not optimal due to vitamin D deficiency (rickets).


                  A cavern is the scarred cavity, often lined with calcium, which remains as a result of tuberculous healing by decomposition of the preceding tumor. In the lung (cleared lung round cancer) these caverns remain open due to permanent breathing. In the breast (cleared glandular carcinoma) these cavities collapse due to the dead load of the breast.

                    Pulmonary Emphysema

                    Pulmonary emphysema is caused by a constantly recurring fear of death conflict affecting the pulmonary alveoli. In such a poly-cyclic course, the original tissue melts away.


                      Pneumonia is the healing phase after a female scare-fright conflict or male fear of territory, concerning the bronchial mucosa.

                        Pulmonary Cavern

                        The pulmonary carvern (cavern = connective tissue scarred cavity, often reinforced with lime) is the residual condition of the tubercularly cemented lung cancer.

                          Lung Cancer

                          With the diagnosis “lung cancer” you have to ask! Is it the alveolar lung cancer (conflict-active fear of death) or is it the bronchial carcinoma (the healing phase after female scare-fright or male territorial fear, concerning the bronchial mucosa?

                            Lung Nodule

                            A lung nodule is a conflict-active phase following fear of death conflict. Fear of death for oneself causes many lung nodules. Fear of death for someone else causes a single lung nodule.

                              Lung Tuberculosis

                              Lung tuberculosis is the healing phase after fear of death concerning the pulmonary alveoli.

                                Cystic Fibrosis Of The Bronchi

                                Cystic fibrosis of the bronchi is a hanging cure for an air-morsel conflict (fear of suffocation) affecting the goblet cells of the bronchi. In a hanging cure, the original tissue melts away (vicious circle).


                                  Tracheitis can originate from the larynx or the bronchi. In both cases, the cause would be a female fear-fright or a male fear of territory conflict. The “stimulus” is nothing else than the track (allergy), which was programmed into the DHS at that time.

                                    Sarcoidosis Of The Lung

                                    Sarcoidosis of the lung is caused by a fear of death (pulmonary alveoli) in a hanging cure. Tuberculous hanging healings lead to a reduction of the initial tissue. In sarcoidosis, therefore, there must be a track that points back to this fear of death conflict.

                                      Cough Mucus

                                      During the healing phase of the bronchial mucosa, mucus is formed which must be coughed up.

                                        Status Asthmaticus

                                        If both brain relays, laryngeal, and bronchial muscles, simultaneously produce epileptic seizures, the status asthmaticus is present. This can be dangerous.