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In the liver’s case, we have the liver parenchyma with liver cancer (starvation – brainstem). Many liver rounds mean starvation around itself, and a single liver round means starvation around someone else (or animal). On the other hand, the hepatic ducts are lined with squamous epithelium and are controlled from the territorial area of the cerebral cortex.


Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver is present at the beginning of the healing phase of liver carcinoma. It is therefore the healing or hanging healing of a starvation conflict.

    Biliary Colic

    Biliary colic is the crisis of the squamous epithelium that lines the liver, the gall bladder, and the excretory duct of the pancreas. This squamous epithelium belongs to the so-called pharyngeal mucosal scheme and hurts in the active phase and especially strongly in crisis.


      In the crisis of the liver bile ducts (squamous epithelium) we have the absence and hypoglycemia (= hepatic coma). The gamma-GT increases when the crisis has already subsided.

        Yellow Stool


          The yellowing occurs during the healing phase of the liver bile ducts or due to a liver carcinoma that compresses the liver bile ducts.


            Hepatitis (jaundice) develops in the healing phase of a male territorial anger or female identity conflict, concerning the liver bile ducts. However, a liver carcinoma (prolongation) in the active phase or in the healing phase could also press on the liver bile ducts and thus cause hepatitis. Clarification is provided by a head CT.

              Liver Coma

              Liver coma is the crisis of the liver bile ducts (male territorial anger or female identity conflict) and is actually an absence + hypoglycemia.

                Liver Cancer

                Liver cancer is the conflict-active phase of a starvation conflict involving the liver parenchyma. A starvation conflict about itself causes many round liver foci. A starvation conflict about someone else causes a single round liver foci.

                  Liver Metastasis

                  Liver metastases have nothing to do with tingling crawling cells, as conventional medicine believes, but are the consequences of a starvation conflict, typically after the diagnosis of colon cancer.

                    Liver Swelling

                    Liver swelling can occur in the tuberculous healing phase of liver cancer (starvation conflict), but also in the healing phase of the liver bile ducts (male territorial anger or female identity conflict). The swelling of the liver is increased by SYNDROM, which worsens the healing phase.

                      Liver Tuberculosis

                      In the healing phase of liver cancer (starvation), the now no longer needed liver carcinoma is decomposed by the associated microbes (fungi) in a tubercular manner. Every tuberculosis is accompanied by night sweat.

                        Liver Values

                          Liver Cirrhosis

                          Liver cirrhosis can occur as a residual condition of the healing phase in the two special programs of the liver parenchyma (liver cancer, starvation) and the liver bile ducts (jaundice, male territorial anger, or female identity conflict).


                            The fainting seizure can be the epileptic seizure of the left myocardium, i.e. a resolved overwhelming conflict. It could also be the crisis of the liver bile ducts (hypoglycemia).

                              Typhoid Fever

                              Typhoid fever is the hanging cure of a starvation conflict affecting the liver, thus liver TB.