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The hypophysis has two possibilities: 1. I am not able to feed the family (elevated prolactin). 2.) One is too small for the morsel (acromegaly, short stature).

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Acromegaly develops in the conflict-active phase after a morsel conflict with the content: “I was too small to get or get rid of the morsel.”

    Pituitary Tumour

    The cause of the pituitary tumor is a conflict-active phase of conflict “not being able to feed” or “not being big enough to get the morsel or get rid of it”.

      Short Growth

      The pituitary gland has as conflict content “one is too small to get the good morsel or to get rid of the bad morsel”. In the active phase, the pituitary gland strengthens its function by cell multiplication and releases more growth hormones, which is also the biological sense. If the conflict remains active, acromegaly results. In a hanging healing process, the original tissue melts away, resulting in reduced growth.


        In the conflict of “not being able to feed the family” the pituitary gland reacts and the prolactin increases. It injects milk into the woman and ovulation stops. This often feigns pregnancy. In men, this can lead to breast growth.