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The middle ear is about the morsel of information you want to get (right) or get rid of (left). Since it is controlled from the brainstem, handedness has no role here. While in the case of hearing conflict (tinnitus, hearing loss, loss of function), handedness again plays a role.

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Acoustic Neurinoma

In the healing phase, after an auditory morsel conflict (a certain information that one wants to hear or not want to hear), one has the obligatory edema in the brainstem. This edema is diagnosed in conventional medicine as acoustic neuroma.

    Eustachian Tubes

    Similar to the middle ear, the Eustachian tube is a morsel of information.

      Sudden Hearing Loss

      The sudden hearing loss is the healing phase after tinnitus (hearing conflict).

        Ear Drainage

        The ear drainage is the tubercular healing phase of a “morsel of information” concerning the middle ear. Right side: not getting the good information. Left side: not getting rid of the bad information.

          Middle ear infection

          A middle ear infection is a healing phase after a resolved auditory morsel conflict. Right ear: not getting the desired hearing morsel. Left ear: not getting rid of an unwanted hearing morsel.

            Middle Ear Cancer

            Middle ear cancer is the conflict-active phase of a morsel of hearing. Right side: not getting a desired piece of information. Left side: not getting rid of an unwanted piece of information.


              The earache develops in the tubercular healing phase after a conflict of information concerning the middle ear. Left side: one has gotten rid of the unwanted information. Right side: one has gotten rid of the desired information.


                The deafness of the ears can be in the healing phase after a tinnitus (sudden hearing loss) or as a result of a hanging healing of the middle ear (middle ear inflammation), in which the original tissue has melted away.


                  Tinnitus is the active phase of a hearing conflict (I can’t hear properly). There are partner, and mother/child-related hearing conflicts and there are territory related hearing conflicts. The frequency of the tinnitus provides information about the hearing conflict. During the healing phase, the tinnitus causes a sudden loss of hearing, in which this specific frequency is faded out.