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The dermis is gland-like tissue and is controlled by the cerebellum. Evolutionarily, the dermis dates back to when our ancestor (worm) left the sea and conquered the land. The dermis has a protective function. Its special programs always have to do with a violation of integrity (defilement, attack, disfigurement, etc.). The handedness is decisive. Nevertheless, there is also a local and from the handedness independent besmirching (e.g., spit in the face).

Organ Skin


Acne is the hanging healing of a defilement conflict. On the face, it occurs when insolence is said to one’s face. Acne appears on the back when people speak badly about you. The pubescents often suffer from their reflection in the mirror and get into a vicious circle. Therapy: Eliminate the mirror.

    Athlete'S Foot

    The athlete’s foot is the hanging healing of a defilement conflict ( dermis ) on the feet.

      Foot Sweat

      Foot sweat is the hanging healing of a defilement conflict (dermis) on the feet.


        The atherom is created in the healing phase after an intensive contact conflict, e.g. a painful impact.


          Shingles is the healing phase of a “violation of integrity” (attack, deformation, defilement) affecting the dermis.

            Skin rash

            Typically, the skin rash is the healing phase of a separation conflict concerning the outer skin. However, there are also changes in the subcutis (dermis) due to a defilement conflict.

              Skin fungus

              The skin fungus is a tuberculous healing or tuberculous hanging healing of a defilement conflict concerning the subcutis (dermis).

                Kaposi'S Sarcoma

                Kaposi’s sarcoma is nothing more than melanoma. It is therefore the conflict-active phase of a defilement conflict concerning the dermis.

                  Body Odour

                  Body odor, which does not disappear despite adequate personal hygiene, is the tuberculous healing or hanging healing of a defilement conflict, concerning the dermis. Every tuberculosis stinks!

                    Corium Skin

                    The history of the development of the corium skin (glandular-like tissue) dates back to the time when our ancestors left the primordial ocean and had to protect himself from sharp stones. The conflict content is “violation of integrity”, “attack”, “defacement”, “defilement”. The biological sense of this SBS is in the conflict-active phases through cell multiplication and functional strengthening. The “wall to the outside” is built thicker. In the healing phase, skin tuberculosis is present.


                      Lepra ist die hängende Heilung eines Besudelungskonflikts, die Lederhaut betreffend. Bei einer hängenden Heilung kann das Ausgangsgewebe der althirngesteuerten SBSe wegschmelzen.


                        Melanoma is the conflict-active phase of a defilement conflict concerning the corium (subcutis). A conflict of defilement can also occur verbally.

                          Nail Fungus

                          The nail fungus is a hanging cure of a sullying, disfigurement, attack conflict, concerning the sclera.


                            Neurofibroma develops in the conflict-active phase of an “intense touch conflict” involving the glia at the nerves (exception!)


                              As a result of a defilement conflict, the dermis reacts with cell proliferation (melanoma). If this conflict is resolved, the cell division stops and in the healing phase, this now no longer needed cell+ is decomposed by fungal bacteria to form a tubercular cheese. In this healing phase, the symptom pimple is now present.

                                Recklinghausen’S Disease

                                Recklinghausen’s disease is the active phase of an (unpleasant) touch conflict. In the active phase, there is a nerve sheath proliferation (glia) to block the information of this unpleasant touch. ATTENTION: EXCEPTION!