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The connective tissue is controlled from the cerebral medulla and is found as supporting tissue in all organs. Glia in the brain is a special connective tissue that occurs only directly on the nerves.


The furuncle is the healing phase after a slight self-devaluation-conflict, concerning the connective tissue.


    The lipoma is the end of the healing phase or a hanging cure of a local slight self-devaluation-conflict concerning the fatty tissue.

      Scar keloid

      The scar keloid is the pendulous healing of a slight self-value collapse concerning the connective tissue. Often as a result of a scar that is perceived as unaesthetic (vicious circle).

        Groin Pain

        What can hurt in the groin? When we cut through the hip in our mind we find connective tissue – bone, cartilage, lymph nodes, muscle, blood vessels. All of them have as their cause a self-devaluation conflict of not being able to get through. The handiness is decisive. In the active phase, the connective tissue necrotizes, and in the healing phase, it is replenished with the help of bacteria and under the swelling. This swelling hurts. So pain in the groin means a solved SDC, now you have been able to assert yourself!


          Cellulite is the result of a polycyclic conflict course of a self-devaluation collapse because of the body’s shape concerning the fatty tissue. At the end of the healing phase, the fatty tissue remains thicker than before (biological sense, luxury group). In nature, thick is considered pretty, lean is ugly.