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The blood vessels are made of connective tissue but have striated and smooth muscle portions. They are NOT lined internally with squamous epithelium, such as the coronary vessels (gill duct derivatives). The arteries have to do with “not being able to walk,” while with the veins (smooth muscle), it is the “ball and chain.”

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The arteries carry the oxygen-rich blood away from the heart.
One exception is the coronary arteries, which supply the heart itself with oxygen-rich blood. The coronary arteries are lined on the inside with squamous epithelium, which the other arteries are not.


    Gangrene is caused by an undersupply of blood to the tissue (gangrene) because the artery muscles (striated) block spastically.

      Varicose Veins

      The “Millstone on the leg” conflict affects the veins. It is actually a self-devaluation-conflict. On the one hand, the connective tissue of the veins necrotizes, but at the same time, the smooth vein muscles are strengthened. During the healing phase, the connective tissue necroses are replenished, but the smooth muscles are not broken down and the varicose veins remain.

        Intermittent Claudication

        Intermittent claudication (circulatory disorder) is the result of a narrowing of the arteries due to hanging healing of a conflict related to walking (e.g. I am no longer allowed to go to my child).


          Thrombophlebitis is the healing phase after a resolved conflict “ball and chain” concerning the veins. Handiness is crucial.


            The thrombosis (blood clot) develops in the active phase of the “ball and chain” conflict.

              Venous Occlusion

              Venous occlusion (varicose veins) is the result of the “ball and chain” conflict.