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The blood and what can be deduced from the laboratory values.


The anemia (lack of blood) can have several causes:
1st Blood loss
2nd An active Self-Devaluation Conflict (bone cancer). In the conflict-active phase, the bone marrow more or less stops producing blood. After the conflict has been resolved, a so-called pseudo-anemia can develop.
3rd Poisoning (chemo)
4th Radiation (Chernobyl)


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      Calcium Level

      Too low a calcium level results in too little muscle activity (smooth muscles) and one cannot get rid of a bad morsel of excrement or cannot consume the desired morsel of food.


          Liver Values


            In the Germanischen Heilkunde we speak of the ” good luck of leukemia “! Fortunately, the severe self-devaluation-collapse has already been solved today, because it must be solved. If you do not solve this severe SDC, the bone dissolves (bone cancer) or you die of anemia. And it is better to solve this SDC today than tomorrow because tomorrow you have more conflict mass and the healing phase takes longer.


              Leukopenia (leukocytopenia) is the conflict-active phase after a severe self-devaluation-conflict, affecting the bone. Depending on the bone involved, the bone marrow stops blood production to a greater or lesser extent.

                Sickle Cell Anemia

                Sickle cell anemia is the active phase of a severe self-devaluation affecting the bone and thus also the bone marrow. The bone marrow stops producing blood and anemia is present. When red blood cells break down, this sickle shape appears, hence the name.


                  Thrombocytopenia (platelet deficiency) is caused by a bleeding, injury conflict involving the spleen. The spleen necrotizes and “sucks” off the platelets to prevent blood clots from forming at the injury.

                    Too Much Iron In Blood

                    Too much iron in the blood means an active, severe self-devaluation, in which blood is broken down (anemia). However, the body retains the iron to use it again after conflict resolution.