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Oral mucosal squamous ulcer, left side of organ


Not being able to spit out a morsel.

Example: Alcohol test. Driver has to blow in the test and loses the driver’s license because of alcohol.

  • for the right-handed person concerning mother or child
  • for the left-handed person concerning partner


“It burns on the tip of my tongue! I had almost said it!”

Hamer Focus:

HH medio-fronto-basal right

Aktive phase:

A smaller or larger mucosal ulcer of the squamous oral or lingual mucosa. The longer the conflict, the larger and deeper the ulcer. Very painful.


Severe local swelling (aphthea) of the oral mucosa occurs. May bleed. At the end of healing, it scars. No pain.


Absence, pain, bleeding

Biological Sense:

Aktive phase

Ulcerative widening of the oral cavity


Gullet mucosa pattern


Experience reports