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Neurofibromas, better peripheral gliomas (exception). This proliferation of nerve sheaths represents a kind of sluice, with the help of which the periphery’s sensory stimuli are to be blocked not to reach the brain in the first place.  Sensory loss.
The histology of glioma is intrinsically mesodermal, but it behaves like an old-brain tissue. However, the function is half and half ectodermal oriented: therefore, actually, these neurofibromas are a combination phenomenon.


Touch conflict

The touch is perceived as unpleasant and is unwanted. The sensitive stimulus (deep cerebellar sensitivity) is still registered peripherally, but is not transmitted, i.e. “swallowed” by the neurofibromas.

Pain conflict

The most intense “touch conflict” is the pain conflict. In case of a pain attack (e.g. bump against the head) the organism can “switch off” the peripheral sensitivity. The pain is instantly gone, but so is the sensitivity.

  • for the right-handed person concerning mother or child
  • with the left-handed person concerning partner
  • there are also always local – i.e., person-independent – touch conflicts (local, at the place)


Hamer Focus:

HH in the dorsal and lateral corium cerebellar relay on the right.

Aktive phase:

Exception: Neurofibromas grow in the ca-phase. This process is an exception in several respects. For once, this (mesodermal) connective tissue normally grows only in the healing phase. Neurofibromas and glia are related tissues, but they behave differently. Neurofibromas grow in ca-phase and glia proliferate in pcl-phase. So far, there are a large number of hypotheses from which tissue glia originate (leukocytes, monocytes, lymphocytes, connective tissue, etc.). But it takes place on nerves and there is nothing else than glia proliferation as we know. Sensitivity can be partially or completely lost (anesthesia), although the receptive supply for skin stimuli is not disturbed.


After conflict resolution, several options arise:

  • The neurofibromas remain and do not further disturb the well-being.
  • The neurofibromas can be abscessed by bacteria (sebaceous-liquid). We then call them atheroma. The gout pouches can then be surgically removed as a whole (with capsule).

Sensitivity is restored immediately after conflict resolution, first in the form of hypersensitivity, later normo-sensitivity. The so-called atheromas on the head are acuminated neurofibromas.



Biological Sense:

aktive phase

To block a sensory information



Experience reports