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Middle Ear-Ca right side


Conflict, not getting a hold of an acoustic morsel

The conflict dates back to the ancient embryological times when there was only one pharynx consisting of the middle ear and mouth.


Hamer Focus:

HH in brainstem dorsal right

active phase:

The flat-growing adeno-Ca of the resorptive grade grows only slightly in the middle ear and mastoid. The cells involved appear to be the archaic auditory cells.

The middle ear may be gradually filled up or wholly filled in by the growth of the tumor.


Purulent otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear). Tuberculous-caseous necrotizing degradation of the increased cells by fungi and fungal bacteria (TBC) usually occurs with the perforation of the tympanic membrane (running ear).



Biological Sense:

active phase

During cell proliferation of the resorptive type, archaic hearing is quasi-enhanced by acquiring more acoustic information from the archaic auditory pathway.



Experience reports