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Melanoma (with pigment) and amelanotic (without pigment), corium skin Ca left side of the body


Defilement conflict, violation of integrity.

Conflict of feeling disfigured or defaced, e.g., after mastectomy. Defilement in a real or figurative sense. e.g., verbal: “You puke, you pig!”

  • for the right-handed person concerning mother or child
  • with the left-handed person concerning partner
  • there are also always local – i.e., person-independent – besmirching conflicts (local, at the spot)


Hamer Focus:

HH in dorsal and lateral cerebellar area on right side

Aktive phase:

Growth of a compact melanoma (with pigment) if the mole is included or an amelanotic melanoma if not. Melanoma is virtually a protection against the violation of integrity.


Stinking, tuberculous caseating-necrotizing degradation by fungi, fungal bacteria, or with the assistance of bacteria. Stinking, only when the overlying squamous epithelium is open (so-called open skin tuberculosis, identical to leprosy). No further cell division.



Biological Sense:

Aktive phase

Reinforcement of the old corium skin (dermis), developmentally, when there was not yet the overlying squamous layer.


Beware of the vicious circle! Often the patient feels even more sullied or disfigured by the diagnosis of melanoma!


Experience reports