Reality is the enemy of every individual truth, which every human being constructs according to his needs and wants to defend at any price. And as true, every human being calls a supposed fact, which he needs to protect his world view, in whose dependence he lives.

If there are many intersections, with the countless individual truths of humans, the common social interests and a common world view arise from it. These social interests and the common world view serve a natural need in the core. It is the feeling of belonging, which is now based almost exclusively on artificial values, ideologies, half-truths, adaptations, and the fading out of global problems.

On the other hand, the sense of belonging serves every human being with his individual truth to legitimize any personal actions, thoughts, and intentions. Ultimately no matter what the consequences of this are. Thus, absolute wrong, immoral and hurtful processes, under the guise of the mainstream, trivialized, faded out by means of blinders, or simply ignored.

Every newly born human being lives for the time being far away from such a constructed truth, without its artificial values and ideologies. He lives in reality with real needs and is unbiased, thus absolutely honest and authentic in his feelings, thoughts, and intentions. He is pure love and, as an organism, a natural part of a global living ecosystem.

Today it is hardly possible, as a newly born human being, not to live sometimes even in an individual truth with an imposed world view. If a child grows up with such parents who have no more consciousness for reality, it is confronted inevitably with one of the only allegedly actual world views. And since the child knows nothing else than the contents of the only allegedly valid world view, these are also questioned only rarely or not at all. Every human being is born into the locally typical way of life.

For our today’s European and/or western coined way of life, some centuries of development of the civilization are responsible. The word “development” is associated with our social imagination, almost without exception as positive. However, this is also only a supposedly correct association of the word development in relation to the actual changes on earth. This is one of the most important examples for humanity to recognize what really happens with us and the earth behind the supposedly correct worldview and the personal truth.

Looking at it soberly, the development of civilization has led to the fact that the ruthless, nature-despising, wasteful and exploitative way of life of the people has reached every corner of our earth. There are hardly larger natural and intact ecosystems where man does not try to get something out for himself and his insatiable greed.

This is a point that societies within civilization hide and ignore. People do this because they benefit from this way of life in different ways in their lives. Many products that can only be produced cheaply to the detriment of intact ecosystems and people from the third world please our minds by compensating for our mental deficits.

And the interventions in nature, by large corporations, are progressing more and more. More and more people within civil societies claim the exemplary standard of living for themselves and want to “improve.” However, this standard or normality is never natural!

How for somebody his individual reality arises is conditioned by the structure of the human psyche, from the principle, with every human being the same or identical, except for few exceptions. Biologically, the man and the woman, conditioned by their sexual hormones, have a sex-specific feeling. However, the nature of both sexes is naturally harmonious and balanced. They feel good when they lack nothing.

According to their sexes and hormones, men and women claim a sex-specific area of validity, also called territory. This is where the biological task of life instinctively takes place, the reproduction or the preservation of the species. This personal territory can be threatened, not protected, sabotaged, or lost by an incisive event or a conflict. It is a matter of personal rank or male or female self-value. If such an event is evaluated by the human being as a conflict in the area of validity and biologically associated, this happens unconsciously past the mind.

Due to such a perceived conflict, for the right-handed person, if it is the first conflict in the scope, the sex hormone is reduced in its release. If it is the first conflict in the scope for the left-handed person, the secretion of the sex hormone is increased. The right-handed woman becomes manic and thus happier due to less estrogen. The left-handed woman becomes depressed and thus unhappy due to more estrogen. The right-handed man becomes depressed and thus unhappy due to less testosterone. The left-handed man becomes manic and thus happier due to more testosterone.

These hormonal adaptations are designed to show the person involved in a real problem, or danger, to their scope and motivate them to solve the specific problem or danger. Unfortunately, it is often the case that these conflicts happen in childhood, and children are often left with no option but to succumb to them. Fortunately, for some children, a solution is found, while for others, their conflicts remain unresolved for the rest of their lives. They continually show emotional instability when external influences trigger their conflict.

As a child with a not yet so developed intellect and a low level of maturity, you hardly have a chance to reflect on what has happened and check it off as actually meaningless. That is why this unconscious pressure to do something or to perform something simply remains. But this is not how evolution intended it for us. As parents, we ignore the natural gender-specific demands of children and expect or demand from them, as we do ourselves, to follow ideologies, obey, claim and achieve artificial values, and conform.

Since most children have had to surrender to their conflicts, they have no choice but to compensate for their depression and serve their mania permanently. They strive for substitute-satisfying behaviors or substitute-satisfying changes in themselves or their environment. Here lies buried the causes of the exercise of power, the delusion of control, subjugation, violence, and materialism.

This seed for the compensation and service of the conflicts thrives so long by the desire of humans splendidly further, until they solve their conflicts actually. Only then do people feel balanced and comfortable again.

But hardly anyone wants to admit these dependencies to themselves, and certainly not the conflicts responsible for them. Towards other people, i.e., within the family, the circle of friends, and a part of society, we only want to be positive and free of problems. Therefore, we wear a mask of supposed satisfaction and lie to ourselves a second time. So we lie to ourselves by suppressing our conflicts and only compensate them. And in addition, we lie to our environment by not showing how we really are.

All this means that many people live in total dependence on an imaginary world, which can be maintained only collectively by our self-deception and our hypocritical thinking and acting. Meanwhile, all these people are often no longer able to consider mentally something else than what the illusory world holds only as an untenable alternative to reality.

A significant part of what people need to maintain their imaginary world and worldview has been guaranteed for a very long time by various corporations, cultural rituals, political decisions, and simply by regular sustenance, habit, and job. These self-evident things shape people’s belief that they have always done the right thing.

The mechanisms explained up to this point, which explain the foundations and constancy of the unnatural and inauthentic lifestyle of the broad population, causes another fatal development. People do not only let themselves be dictated and talked into what they need to compensate and serve their emotional conflicts. In the firm belief that the environment functions and acts truthfully, strengthened by the supply of what supposedly makes us truly happy, people allow themselves to be dictated what health and illness should be.

All corporations, such as manufacturers of goods like vehicles, electronic and multimedia items, fashion clothing, and cosmetics, are not interested in permanently satisfied customers or people. Just like the pharmaceutical companies are not interested in permanently healthy people. The consumption must be maintained and guaranteed for the greed for profit of a few rich people. This has been ensured for a long time by keeping people in this painful dependency and not actually helping them.

How people are kept in dependency are, on the one hand, very subtle and, on the other hand, sometimes easy to see through. In the predominantly free educational institutions, called schools, we are only prepared for the working world, i.e., to function. Participation is a duty in Germany. But children and young people are not taught in any regular school what their legal rights are, how they can defend and use them. Furthermore, they are not taught how to solve or cope with their personal problems without a social worker or psychologist. They are not taught about bureaucratic procedures at offices, which they will certainly visit at some point because they have to. However, the worst thing is that children and young people are not told the real background of illnesses. This is not negligence, but a crime! But it is also the foundation of the power of the few.

This targeted disinformation about health and disease is the most subtle crime that has ever been committed in human history and is still practiced. From the bred unsuspecting people, who have to compensate for their forced suffering for countless generations, still in serious diseases, profit is made to dismiss them as supposedly cured. Otherwise, from the point of view of conventional medicine, one has tried the alleged best, and the patient has died anyway.

In all cases, the pharmaceutical industry remains not only the financial winner because all people blindly rely on the supposed experts, called doctors. However, one thing must be said for conventional medicine. In emergency medicine, doctors and surgeons do a phenomenal job. They replant severed body parts, fix comminuted fractures, save people from paraplegia and actually save lives in the emergency room.

But in the case of diseases that develop independently, they blame a supposed infection for the cause, or there is a supposed genetic defect. And here, the doctors and scientists tell all patients what they want to hear. Namely, they themselves are not to blame or responsible for their illness, but evil microbes have caused the symptoms, such as inflammation and fever. All is well with the world for the patient when something other than himself has caused the suffering. After all, the patient is already doing everything to keep himself comfortable and healthy.

Continuously distracted by the supposed truth of the world view and the supposedly proper lifestyle, man does not want to consider that a life circumstance or a bad event could be responsible for a disease. After all, we are not taught otherwise. The habit that corporations, service providers, and various institutions do “good” for us with their goods and services also does not allow the thought of targeted disinformation.

And here lies the recipe for success for a healthy dictatorship. Suppose the favorite corporations, service providers, and institutions of our trust, with their goods, treatments, and services, are no longer allowed or able to serve because of a dangerous and deadly pandemic. In that case, people will accept every restriction and every encroachment on their freedom to get back to their substitute satisfactions as soon as possible.

This means that people are deceiving themselves a third time. “He who gives up freedom to gain security will lose both in the end” – Benjamin Franklin -. Only that the freedom that Benjamin Franklin meant is about fundamental freedom. Today’s humanity has not been free for decades. They only feel free because they can only compensate for their limiting conflicts. This just seems like freedom, but it is not.

The government can do whatever it wants with us, no matter how much it restricts our freedoms and how long it robs our quality of life. People want to continue to believe that their worldview is correct to continue to pursue their compensatory lifestyle. And they want to continue to believe that the cause of illness is not within themselves but always comes from the outside. That is why most people dutifully join in the fight against and containment of this supposed pandemic. What is done to us humans is beautifully talked about by many and interpreted as meaningful, always with the background thought of getting back the old life soon. Suppose people do not begin to understand that the alleged Corona pandemic is only a pretext to transform the world economy by force, with a non-existent virus as a scapegoat. In that case, it will be really dark.

While conventional medicine, with its infection theory and cancer hypothesis, makes people believe that they are dealing with an enemy from nature in the case of illness, people are at the same time kept dependent on their supposed protectors, the doctors. Moreover, recognizing these conventional medical theories deprives people of the ability to view and evaluate themselves holistically. Thus, people see themselves only as a guest in their body, which, when it becomes ill or shows symptoms, is labeled and devalued by its “carrier” as an imperfect Monday model.

But our whole organism is the manifestation of the evolution conditioned fundamental development steps, with a brain as a center for our total psyche. Up to the time when humanity began to develop to what it is today, the whole world with its living inhabitants was in an ecological balance.

In addition to the evolutionary food chain, symbiotic relationships or interactions between all living things have also developed from the beginning. And it is precisely these symbiotic processes, which are deliberately withheld from us humans as slaves of capitalism and presented as hostile intentions of nature or microbes.

This methodology serves governments solely to maintain power by creating fears. Those who allow themselves to be frightened automatically seek protection from an expert, who can almost seem like heroes. We do seek these experts, for example, when we need legal assistance in court, when we want to defend ourselves with the help of the police and the judiciary, and when we need a tax advisor to manage our finances. And in precisely the same way, we seek out various doctors to protect our most important asset, our health. In summary, we place the responsibility for specific areas of our lives in the hands of strangers and entrust our most valuable asset to strangers who are not at all interested in preserving our health but want to cash in on people’s suffering.

The generation of fear, however, still takes precedence over the financial interests of those in power. Because those who are frightened and therefore need protection make themselves dependent and blackmailable and compliant. With the measures associated with protecting the population, such as the permanent lockdown, people pay existence-destroying protection money to the state. Countless businesses have been forced to go out of business, and some of their employees have been made unemployed. The remaining businesses in the restaurant, retail, personal care, and other service sectors are taking every measure necessary to maintain their livelihoods.

To be able to accomplish this as a government, it requires pretty subtle and criminal measures of disinformation and their permanent maintenance. From childhood on, we learn to prevent supposed infections and the following disease pattern. Washing hands, the regular vaccination appointment with the doctor, and the use of condoms against sexually transmitted diseases. This is the perfect propaganda in the history of humanity because everyone believes the information and usually follows what they are told.

And like about 400 years ago, when a handful of people tried to teach the masses better, the earth is a sphere and not a disc. The rulers and their supporters then, as now, pounce on the people who want to put an end to the fear-producing and corrupt system. Thereby, the rulers’ followers protect the real evildoers, only not to lose their world view what they interpret as truth and freedom.

In 1600, Giordano Bruno was sentenced to death at stake by the Pope because of his work with the Copernican worldview and dissemination. He died for the truth or reality because Copernicus was right that the earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around.

The better-known Galileo Galilei, also a follower and teacher of the then-new Copernican worldview, was placed under house arrest for the rest of his life after his trial in 1633. His technical inventions and discoveries were probably too valuable for the economy and the military, so instead of burning him, Galileo was allowed to continue working under observation.

With the loss of the previously still valid Ptolemaic world view, the rulers, at that time it was still the Catholic Church, had also lost one of the most important foundations of their power by generating fear. Ptolemy allowed the church with his geocentric worldview, in which everything revolves around the earth, to present and claim a world created by God. After all, it still appears to us today that everything revolves around the earth instead of us revolving around ourselves and around the sun because we do not feel the movement of the earth.

With the growing recognition of the Copernican worldview, the church lost a piece of power and its credibility. The earth went from being a disk to a sphere, which drove the belief in hell below us and heaven above us further and further out of people’s minds. Thus, the Catholic Church lost more and more influence and power.

Today, it is the scientists who want to explain the world and processes of life to us. But then, as now, we are not enlightened about the whole truth of life but have to be satisfied with what we are told. Knowledge is power. The elite of that time, the church, knew this as well as the elite of today. The world corporations make sure that lobbyists sit in the governments and protect and put the interests of the world corporations in the foreground. Different people in the governments are bought or blackmailed to do what the world companies or the most powerful of the economy demand from them. What this proves is the state of our planet. We know about worldwide catastrophes, but almost nothing is done about it. Greed eats brains.

So-called virologists and epidemiologists misinterpret what they think they have seen and learned in microbiology. The discoveries of Louis Pasteur, the presence of microbes in disease symptoms and inflammation, were as insufficiently studied to make sense as the discoveries of Ptolemy.

From a wrong interpretation of the observed, conditioned by the absence of explanatory circumstances, Ptolemy’s not truthful world view grew: the earth is in the center of the universe. Precisely in the same way from the wrongly interpreted observations of Louis Pasteur, conditioned by the absence of explaining circumstances, the well-known and worldwide recognized infection theory developed.

As 400 years ago, today, a handful of people can and want to correct the world view with the actual truth or with real facts. And as then, these people are denounced, insulted as conspiracy theorists, fought, and ostracized.

In summary, we can describe the framework of the world view of a large part of humanity as follows. Within any significant circle of civilization, within a country, society, and culture, all interpersonal and behavioral landmarks are characterized by their permanence. And permanence, regardless of the quality of life it brings, provides a certain degree of security. It is a security that is evident in the fact that nothing fundamentally changes for anyone as long as they play along. But if one tries to saw at the pillars of the system, one automatically makes oneself the enemy of all other people who depend on the security that is based on its permanence. To make oneself dependent on such questionable security, no matter what bad or good quality it may offer, is the testimony of successful conditioning to blind obedience.

Why and in which way illness arises, knew Dr. med. Mag. Theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer. He discovered five biological laws of nature and explained them in the “Germanische Heilkunde.” However, not only organic diseases can be explained based on conflictive events. Our psychological instability, interpersonal dependencies, and aversions and addictions, and obsessive thoughts can also be traced back to such an event. Let us use the house arrest imposed by the measures in our favor and deal with our past to recognize ourselves and to be able to discard old burdens. Familiarize yourselves with the Germanische Heilkunde.

Note by H. Pilhar

Thank you very much for this wonderfully clear contribution. It is time to point out and address the discrepancy between our current Biological Code and this artificial civilization junk society way of life. A great awakening is coming.

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