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Kidney collecting tubule Ca of the left kidney, reabsorption of isosthemic urine, water retention, oliguria.


  • Existential conflict for life and death (diagnosis) or financial.
  • Refugee conflict (lost everything, as if bombed out). Mother-soul-alone, fear of hospital, feeling unprovided for, disorder.

(originally: ri. absorb urea, le. release water)


That got to my kidneys

Hamer Focus:

HH in brainstem left ventrally uncrossed

active phase:

Compact cauliflower-like growing adeno-ca of secretory grade or flat growing adeno-ca of resorptive grade of tubules between renal calices and renal parenchyma of glomeruli. Water retention (refugee), urea retention (existence or ‘starvation’).

Uremia, renal failure


Biological cure with caseating necrotizing TBC or non-biological without TBC (despite solution, blockage = silent kidney remains ≠ non-functional. Water is excreted again (even with a nonbiologic cure). Renal calyces appear plumped (= enlarged) due to caverns.

Patients are endlessly tired, pee, and hungry!

Protein in urine. Kidney pain.



Biological Sense:

active phase

Saving water and urea to allow longer survival time (desert) without water and food.


Reabsorption of isoosmotic urine, water retention, oliguria.


Experience reports