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Rectum-Mucosa ulcer.


  • male territorial anger
  • female identity conflict

Male: the enemy rival invading the territory.

female: not knowing where to belong or where to go, also not knowing what decision to make.


Hamer Focus:

Left temporal

Aktive phase:

Painful rectal ulcers that rarely or do not bleed at this stage cause pain and spasm that is usually misinterpreted as hemorrhoid pain.


Almost no more pain and spasms, but severe swelling of the mucosa and bleeding from the healing ulcers. This enormously swollen, ulcerous mucosa, which secretes bright blood, was almost always diagnosed as “hemorrhoid bleeding,” today often just as wrongly misinterpreted as rectal cancer, and unfortunately completely nonsensical and unnecessarily “cured” surgically with rectal extirpation. If nothing is done except symptomatic decongestant therapy and conflict recurrences are prevented, a rectal ulcer heals without problems.

CAUTION in a syndrome where rectal mucosa can swell to double or more, severe swelling then also in the brain.



Biological Sense:

Aktive phase

Ulcerative dilation of the rectum to improve defecation ( fecal evacuation) and location (identity).


Note by H. Pilhar

The diagnostic chart is from 2006. The rectum’s squamous epithelium belongs to the so-called “outer-skin pattern,” which means that the active phase is sensory numb, and the healing phase is painful.


Experience reports