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Pilhar Helmut

Ing. Helmut Pilhar

I am the father of Olivia and the owner of this website.

I was born on 25th February 1965 in Grünbach am Schneeberg (blessing of God, hard coal mine). 1985 Abitur at the HTL Wr. Neustadt (electrical engineering). 1993 Abitur at the HTL Wr. Neustadt (mechanical engineering, evening school). Until 1995 I was a software technician (SPS).
In 1990 I married my wife Erika, with whom I have four now grown-up children.
In the meantime, I am already a grandfather.

I do not belong to any church, party, or club. And I have not chosen this medical dispute …

My objective is to make Germanische Heilkunde® general education. Every mother should know how neurodermatitis works in her child. Germanische Heilkunde® belongs in biology classes and for future therapists at every university.

Therefore my motto: “Inform yourself as long as you are healthy!


Pressekonferenz Spanien
Press conference Spain

Due to my daughter Olivia’s cancer, we came across Dr. Hamer through family members, who had been unknown to us until then. As a technician, I had never been involved with medicine before.

However, Dr. Hamer’s Germanische Heilkunde® seems to be more logical than the experimental experiments with poison gas derivates in conventional medicine. The past two decades full of patient reports have strengthened my conviction in this. Conventional medicine – apart from emergency medicine – is experimental!

Since 1995 I have been trying to spread the teachings of Germanische Heilkunde®. As recognition for my work, Dr. Hamer appointed me as “Lecturer for Germanic Medicine – Theory.” For official reasons, I am forbidden to carry this honorary title.

I will fulfill my teaching assignment to the best of my ability!



This “academy” will one day become the “theory” department of the University of Germanische Heilkunde. There were four lecturers selected by Dr. Hamer.
Andrée Sixt for therapy,
Giovanna Conti for music,
Georg Kausch for history
and me -Helmut Pilhar- for theory.
Since Mr. Kausch has unfortunately died, 3 lecturers remain. And we will fulfill our teaching assignment as best we can.

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    A lot has happened to me over the years! Apart from the media defamation that made me a questionable celebrity, it also became more often violent on the part of well-known groups.

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      Based on an anonymous report, it was checked whether my former domain “pilhar.com” should not be included in the index. I was told that it was about the protection of young people. Dr. Hamer’s letters to the rabbis with the request to end this boycott of Germanische Heilkunde were criticized.

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        Here you will find information, that I think might be of interest to you.

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          Original letters from Helmut Pilhar to various persons and institutions.

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            MEDIA LAWSUIDS

            If a putsch takes place, what is immediately occupied by the putschists? Correct! The first power in the country, the media! Because the media direct the popular masses. The Deep State is only afraid of the popular masses, everything else it can control.

            With the case of Olivia, the press rushed in its reporting and did not shy away from slander and free inventions. It is said that I ripped the tubes out of Olivia’s body (TV-MEDIA), or threatened the surgeon the night before the operation ( KRONE), or planted a reporter in my daughter’s hospital room ( KURIER). I picked out the worst of these allegations and filed media complaints about them. I won all the media lawsuits. As compensation and reparation for the fact that the press made me the “raven father of the nation”, the Austrian courts awarded me a total of ATS 100,000, i.e. about € 15,000.

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              SOCIAL INSURANCE

              I wanted to achieve lower contribution payments by declaring in writing to the social insurance company in advance that I would never make use of oncology.

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                OLIVIA - DIARY OF A DESTINY

                I wrote my diary “Olivia – Diary of a Destiny” live and at the birth of my youngest son in 1996 I held the first printed copy in my hands. It had been published by Dr. Hamer in his publishing house Amici di Dirk.

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                  STUDY GROUPS

                  Many study groups for Germanische Heilkunde were founded at domestic and international level.

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                    Dr. Hamer appointed me lecturer for “Germanische Heilkunde – Theorie” at his university Sandefjord, which was of course a special honor for me. But that didn’t suit some people at all and an anonymous indicator set the ball rolling. In the end, I was fined an administrative fine for allegedly taking possession of a title without justification and Dr. Hamer was deprived of his university. The reason: his university was merely a company.

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                      SMEARED ORDINATION BOARD

                      Prof. Dr. Heinz Ludwig showed us, parents, as alleged perpetrators of his smudged office board.

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