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Our Topic: Headache

What does a headache mean?

This question is not easy to answer because there are several possibilities for this.

Any edema could be responsible for it. However, the brain itself has no pain receptors, and a headache in the front right does not necessarily mean that this edema is also in the front right. In any case, edema in the brain is always a healing phase symptom, and the patient should have warm hands.

But it could also be the migraine, i.e., the crisis of solved frontal anxiety. In this case, the affected person would have relatively cooler hands since every crisis is sympathicotonic. Besides, he would also have other migraine-typical accompanying symptoms, e.g., sensitivity to light. The intensity of the crisis depends on the mass of the conflict, and also, the duration of a crisis can vary from a short spade to several days. Every crisis is part of healing and, therefore, a reason for joy.

But it could also be the trigeminal neuralgia, that is, the healing phase after a separation conflict associated with the face; for example, you have lost face or can no longer be seen. The trigeminal nerve has three branches—one over the temple towards the eyebrow, one towards the nose, and one towards the chin. The active phase is numb here – see external-skin diagram. The healing phase is painful. Pain along these three branches could therefore arise due to this resolved separation conflict and would also be a healing phase symptom.

It could also be the skull bone in the healing phase after a solved intellectual self-value collapse – how could one have been so stupid – under swelling, which is known to be very painful. Here, however, the place would be quite precisely ascertainable and recognizable as bone healing.

One would not like to believe it, but the very most frequent cause of headache, said Dr. Hamer, is rheumatism of the head! Rheumatism affects the periosteum and has nothing at all to do with articular rheumatism. Rheumatism is associated with the active phase of a Brutal Separation Conflict on the head, e.g., a slap in the face. So here, the headache would be an active conflict symptom.

You see, there are many causes of headaches.

A case study

Over several months, I repeatedly met with a right-handed woman, about 40 years old, complained of chronic headaches down her left temple. Since she also complained of sensitivity to light, I assumed that she had recurrent migraines. She often lay in bed for days and was unable to do anything. However, there was and was no corresponding conflict to be found in her. Until she finally went to Hamer, and he saw in her brain Ct that this was not a migraine but trigeminus neuralgia on her mother/child side. Since the patient had no children, only the mother came into question, to whom she must have lost face. The conflict was then quickly found. Her life partner at that time was financially a failure and had no regular income. In the mother’s eyes, such a man was unsuitable as a son-in-law, and the mother refused any communication with this good-for-nothing. This was the conflict in the daughter. She lost face with the mother because her partner was no good in the eyes of the mother. However, she loves this man and lives with him. But she also loves her mother and thus sits between two chairs. Therefore, she cannot resolve the conflict and avoid the track. The track is, of course, the mother with her derogatory remarks.

How do you resolve such a conflict?

1st option: you don’t give a damn about the mother. What the mother says or doesn’t say is completely irrelevant. You would have to change your inner attitude towards the mother, which is the hardest thing to do. To change the inner attitude succeeds only in the rarest cases.

2nd possibility: find a man with whom the mother agrees. If the mother says to the daughter, you have to marry this man, and the migraine disappears in the daughter.

What do you think? How did the patient decide?

That’s right! She got herself a financially potent partner, and now all is well with her mother, and her migraine is gone. However, her new partner is impotent. Well, you can’t have everything, and at some point, you have to make do. But also for this, there would be a solution, as you can probably imagine.

So keep on studying Germanische Heilkunde! Learn to think biologically! We don’t need highly intellectual snobs as therapists, but those with common sense.

Bye, until the next video


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