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Hair Loss (alopecia), localized or total, i.e. alopecia areata or alopecia totalis, right side of the body.


Separation conflict, where someone was stroked by a person in the relevant place and now no longer.

  • Possibility: e.g., a grandchild is always stroked on the head by grandma. Grandma dies. Alopecia areata on the head.
  • Possibility: e.g., the dog dies, the master associates separation from the dog on his own head. Alopecia areata (baldness) on the head.

for the right-handed person concerning partner
for the left-handed person concerning mother or child


Hamer Focus:

HH in sensory cortex center right paramedian cranial.

Aktive phase:


Progressive hair loss in the ca-phase in places or totally (also alopecia androgenica).

The scalp, together with the hair, belongs to the back and is clearly set off. From the hairline on the forehead, the trigeminal nerve is responsible, whose area is also the sensory cortex center is located in, but laterally.


Initially bundle hair loss, then return of hair growth with redness of the scalp.



Biological Sense:

Aktive phase

Temporary forgetting of the mother, child or partners due to sensitivity reduction.



Experience reports