Breastfeeding side effects?

I am a mother of 2 sons. I have known Germanische Heilkunde in great detail for many years and have integrated it into my life. Whenever symptoms occur in me, in my husband, or our children, we automatically try to find the cause according to our knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde and to solve it if possible. The approach of conventional medicine is now completely strange and incomprehensible to us.

Of course, I breastfeed my children, the older, for 18 months. I remember having a problem with my very long hair during that time. I was losing it to such an extent that I was scared and panicked.

My long hair was everywhere, only on my head it was getting less and less. I felt like crying because of it. At that time, I fell into the old thinking that I lacked minerals because of breastfeeding, which I tried to supply with food supplements and silica. However, this did not change my hair loss, no matter how much of the home remedies I took.

For some reason, at that time, we did not come up with the idea of researching a separation conflict as the cause for the tremendous hair loss. It was after I had weaned that my hair loss stopped on its own.

The biological sense of the underlying program is short-term memory. It helps to forget the individual from whom one has been separated or from whom one wants to be separated, and thus I could not find the conflict.

After weaning, the conflict resolved itself, the programs stopped, so I was suddenly aware of my conflict. For 18 months, it never crossed my mind, although it was omnipresent every day.

My son was constantly pulling my hair while breastfeeding, and I didn’t know how to protect myself from it. Somehow he always found a way to get to my hair, to grab onto it and pull, no matter how I tried to keep it out of his reach.

With the weaning, the problem had causally solved itself. My hair all grew again, as solid and long as before. My short-term memory also worked again, and a light came on for me.

My younger son will soon be one year old, and of course, I am breastfeeding him too. He is huge for his age and literally sucks me dry.

I don’t take any supplements, and I don’t have hair loss. Instead, I suffered from herpes/fever blister for the first time in my life until a month ago. Again a separation conflict. Again this symptom only appeared with breastfeeding. Does breastfeeding cause herpes?

After three days of herpes, I had once, when breastfeeding, mentally taken the time to think about what I was separated from at the lip or I would like to be separated from. Suddenly I noticed that my son was digging his fingers into my mouth and nose all the time. He always has, every time I breastfeed, every time he is within reach. Really annoying, and I do not know how to protect myself from this?

After this realization, I consciously made sure to hold the little one so that he could not reach my face with his finger, which is not easy, and lo and behold, the cold sore healed and has not been seen for a month now. However, he continues to try his fingers in my mouth at every opportunity. But by realizing – aha, that’s it, annoying yes, but not that bad, the conflict is resolved. Pulling my hair would be much worse.

It is so easy to help yourself once you become aware of the cause. You just have to get into the habit of always making yourself aware of the active program, thinking about what must be the cause according to Germanische Heilkunde, and then looking for it in your daily life.

Because as Helmut Pilhar always states it this way: There is no such thing as a pregnant virgin. If I have an organ symptom, then there must also be the conflict to it.

Note by H.Pilhar

If there is an organ symptom, then there must have been a corresponding conflict on the level of the psyche. Who does not have any symptoms or aches and pains? Almost everyone has some kind of slight ailment. Thus we have at any time at ourselves the possibility to examine whether the Germanic is correct or not. To be assured that the Germanic is true can mean the difference between life and death in extreme cases. In the case of cancer, if you do not know whether you have to change your life or whether a globule could be enough, it usually ends tragically. In the highest distress, the middle way is the sure death.

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