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Dirk Hamer

Dirk’s hobby was to paint. As his father reported, his son was also very caring about animals.

Dirk Hamer was sleeping in a boat when he was hit by a rifle bullet of a mad running prince (Savoy, Italy) on Aug.18th, 1978. After agonizing months, multiple surgeries, and amputation of one leg, Dirk died in his father’s arms on Dec.7th, 1978. Dr. Hamer declared that this was his most challenging day! As a result, he fell ill with testicular cancer and discovered Germanische Heilkunde.

  • Through Dirk’s death, Germanische Heilkunde was discovered!
  • Through Olivia, Germanische Heilkunde became known worldwide!

It is the children who convict this Deep State!


Hamer Dirk

I can't say whether Geerd has really gotten over the death of his son Dirk. On the annual anniversary of his death, he was always lost in his thoughts.