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Dental enamel cavities, so called caries, left teeth. Dental enamel is ivory squamous oral mucosa.


not to bare teeth, not to bite, to hold, not to crush.

Sheepdog could bite the sausage dog, but must not.

  • for the right-handed person concerning mother or child
  • for the left-handed person concerning partner


Hamer Focus:

HH interhemispheric frontal para-median, right

Aktive phase:

Enamel defect is also called “caries.” The enamel is basically a thickened and keratinized (ivory) squamous oral mucosa. Hypersensitivity!


Slow (half to full year) enamel restitution without pain (except for crisis). Discomfort only with hot/cold and sweet/sour.


Absence, pain

Biological Sense:

Aktive phase

The person or thing that one wants to bite but is not allowed to bite is to be made “non-biteable” by temporary hypersensitivity.



Experience reports