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… on the way to NWO

    Supervised Thinking

    Are you familiar with the supervised living? Supervised living was set up for physically handicapped people. And you now know what the mainstream media were set up for.

      Population Reduction

      There are only two ways to restore the balance. Either the birth rate must be brought down to the level of the lowered death rate or the death rate must be increased.
      [From Club of Rome – Report on the state of mankind]


        … on the way to NWO

          Deep State

          The deep state is the power structure that, far removed from the democratic legitimacy principle of popular sovereignty, directs and determines global destinies. The presidents of the most powerful states, Trump and Putin, collectively lamented this deep state at a meeting in Helsinki in the summer of 2018.


            The lodges work at the temple of Solomon.


              In the case Olivia, it was the task of the media to create public opinion against Dr. Hamer so that the judiciary could finish him off without public opposition.

                Suppression Of The Germanische Heilkunde

                The Deep State is responsible for the suppression of Germanische Heilkunde, because only they have the criminal energy for this.

                  Accusation Sect

                  What is the definition of a sect? You can recognize them by their dogma! Without dogma, you cannot found a sect! Mother Nature has no dogmas, but laws of nature = laws of creation! That is the right religion, which gets along entirely without dogmas! One should not sit in one’s own glass house when throwing stones, dear sect experts!