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Conventional medicine achieves phenomenal in emergency medicine, undoubtedly! But with those diseases, which develop by themselves (cancer, chronic diseases, allergies, psychoses), there they have nothing, there they know nothing, and there they can do nothing! And this for 100 years! Here they will have to leave the field because here is the domain of the Germanische Heilkunde®!

Conventional Medicine - Aids

AIDS is a scam! Neither has the virus (HIV) been caught nor has anyone been able to “arouse” anything with it. Koch’s postulates are not fulfilled with AIDS, nor with Corona or anywhere else. There is also no immune system that could protect us from diseases or fight microbes or cancer in our body. Therefore, there can be no immunodeficiency.

    Conventional Medicine - Allergy Test

    What does conventional medicine do with its allergy tests? It looks for the alleged trigger of the allergy and finds for example the milk. Then it diagnoses the milk allergy and the administration has something new to manage. Perfect! The question of why this patient reacts to milk, they do not investigate or have their theories. It is also not surprising that conventional medicine does not wonder why one patient with a milk allergy reacts with the intestine and the other patient with a milk allergy reacts with the skin. That’s just the way it is, period! The main thing is that it has a name so that it can be administered! If I were Minister of Health, I would give the grade Inadequate and take care of another medical direction.

      Conventional Medicine - Recognized

      … the Federal Court of Justice stated that even the treatment practiced by the overwhelming majority of doctors and hospitals could not, according to the findings of the Court of Appeal, be described as scientifically generally accepted, because the cause of this disease had still not been researched and every kind of treatment was therefore inevitably of an experimental nature, without proof of medical accuracy being able to be furnished. (Judgment of December 2, 1981 – IVa ZR 206/80 – VersR 1982, 285 under III 4) … Who determines what has to be considered accepted in conventional medicine? Is there something like a TÜV (Technical Inspection Agency)? No! What is taught at the university is considered “scientifically recognized”. And who determines what is taught at the university? Of course, the person who finances the chair for this and, as is well known, this is the private sector.

        Conventional Medicine - Contagion/Infection

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        There is no infection, allegedly caused by pathogens (microbes such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses). All microbes, without exception, only work in the vagotonic healing phase at the command of our brain (conflict resolution, 4th biological law of nature). Louis Pasteur confessed at his deathbed: “The microbe is nothing, the milieu is everything! And the milieu in the body of the individual was switched from sympathicotonia (cold extremities) to vagotonia (warm extremities) by conflict resolution. For this reason, there can be no infection at all. However, we can have had a conflictual experience together and solve it together. Then we have the same healing phase symptoms at the same time, such as the increased rate of pulmonary tuberculosis after the end of the war (resolved fear of death). Likewise, an alleged incubation period is “fantasy with snow flurry” (Hamer).

          Conventional Medicine - Antibiotics

          Most patients go to the doctor in a vagotonic healing phase. His magic cure is called antibiotics because it works sympathicotonously and the symptoms of the healing phase disappear – at the expense of the patient’s strength.

            Conventional Medicine - Physicians

            There is hardly a professional group that is advertised on television more than the medical profession of conventional medicine. There may well be conventional physicians who have the well-being of the patient in mind.

              Conventional Medicine - Doctor'S Oath

              Since abortion became legal, doctors have sworn the oath of Rabbi Maimonides (1948, Geneva Pledge) instead of the Hippocratic Oath.

                Conventional Medicine - Obligation To Inform

                Conventional medicine has no real right to create a monopoly in medicine. There would be no homeopathy or self-urine therapy. Rather, every conventional physician also has to inform and educate the patient about other forms of therapy.

                  Conventional Medicine - Chemo

                  The chemo is derived from the poison gas LOST, i.e. from the mass destruction industry. Chemo kills every cell during cell division. Chemo is suspected by conventional doctors to be carcinogenic. Therefore, most oncologists reject it for themselves and their relatives.

                    Conventional Medicine - Corona

                    The Deep State wanted to impose its will on mankind with Corona, i.e. enslavement! At Corona, this Deep State will break. Actually, the Deep State will break at our tortured children. That there can be no disease-causing viruses is stated by the 4th biological law of nature – the evolutionary system of microbes. By the way: If the 4 Koch’s postulates had been successful with a single pathogen detection, this 4th law of nature would have been disproved – in the scientific sense! There are no pathogens and therefore no infection!

                      Conventional Medicine - Diagnostic Shock

                      Most doctors will be uncomfortable with the diagnosis of cancer. They feel the conflict it causes in the patient. I once heard of the training of doctors in this regard. But then some so-called doctors enjoy this moment of diagnostic shock in the patient in a downright sadistic way … The patient usually associates the diagnosis of cancer with his or her imminent death and reacts accordingly, usually with round lung foci. By the way, this significance of the frequency of “lung metastases” before and after the diagnosis is statistically verifiable!

                        Conventional Medicine - Success

                        Where does conventional medicine actually get its general reputation in the population from? It derives its undoubtedly good reputation from its emergency medicine. Here it really does something phenomenal! But what are its successes with cancer? Pathetic! And what are its successes with allergies or chronic diseases or psychoses? Also zero! And so that her failure is not noticeable, they forbid competition! Unacceptable in a free market economy! Here the conventional medicine must clear the field!

                          Conventional Medicine - Experiment

                          If you don’t know the cause of a problem, try one method to solve the problem, then another. One just experiments around! In the same way, conventional medicine does not know the cause of any illness and just experiments around. With their drugs, they can carry out billions of different studies. Such a study is nothing else than a medical experiment! The bad thing is that conventional medicine has lost sight of its goal, namely the health of the patient. No drug can solve a conflict! This approach was the wrong way in therapy. The right approach has to be the involvement of the patient’s psyche. But no! Conventional medicine insists on its experimental approach, which is wrong in its basic approach. We in Germanische Heilkunde also do not need animal experiments!

                            Conventional Medicine - Gender

                            Gender means the abolition of the sexes! One does it equally as the farmer with his animals. The pig farmer has sows and boars. The many boars fight among themselves. The farmer castrates the boars and separates them from the sows. Thus there is peace in the stable! The boars are rotten and the sows are peaceful birthing factories. With a few considerations and regulations in the stable optimized for maximum profit. If one now regards humans as animals, then one can just as well as the farmer maximum profit, with a few considerations and regulations in the state for, take care. It disturbs the profit optimization if there are any relations between human animals. The only biological duality man/woman must be softened by a 3rd sex, by worldwide regulation! Crazy!

                              Conventional Medicine - Genetically Determined

                              Gender means the abolition of the sexes! One does it equally as the farmer with his animals. The pig farmer has sows and boars. The many boars fight among themselves. The farmer castrates the boars and There is certainly inheritance! Two whites will never give birth to a black baby. That is inherited. One also looks like his ancestors. This is also inherited. But there is no inherited diabetes or breast cancer because these special programs all have a biological conflict as their cause. This assertion is easy to prove through computer tomography, using the necessary Hamer focus at a very specific location in the brain. Hemophilia is the only hereditary disease known to me by Dr. Hamer. Apart from that, the genetic material can be damaged by radioactive or chemical substances. This is then irreversible.

                                Conventional Medicine - Good/Evil

                                Through the apple stolen from the Tree of Knowledge by Eve, mankind could now distinguish between good and evil. As punishment, both were expelled from paradise. But Mother Nature does not create anything good or evil, but only something sensible. By becoming aware of this fact, humanity will find its way back to paradise.

                                  Conventional Medicine - Hightech

                                  In current conventional medicine, little is understood about the true nature of the patient. Therefore, a very long time ago, conventional medicine fell prey to making certain classifications and determining certain sequences. For some time now, it has been trying to connect the patient to a computer so that he or she can be monitored and controlled more easily.

                                    Conventional Medicine - Immune System

                                    The immune system is a mirage! The immune system as the body’s defense army does not exist! This fight takes place only in the minds of the sorcerer’s apprentices.

                                      Conventional Medicine - Vaccination

                                      To strengthen a supposed immune system, which does not even exist, through vaccination is similar to holy water, which is supposed to protect one from evil, which also does not exist in Mother Nature.

                                        Conventional Medicine - Pediatrician

                                        When the pediatrician becomes a danger!

                                          Conventional Medicine - Costs

                                          The international pharmaceutical industry has 7 times the revenue of the international defense industry!

                                            Conventional Medicine - Carcinogenic

                                            There is no substance that could cause breast cancer, colon cancer, or the like! There are no carcinogenic substances! However, there are highly toxic substances! But there is no substance that could start a sensible biological special program.

                                              Conventional Medicine - Metastases

                                              One has never been able to find a migrating cancer cell in arterial blood! And that is exactly where it should be found! Only through the arterial blood, this crawling phantom could reach the periphery of the body to create there so-called metastases of the primary tumor.

                                                Conventional Medicine - Microbial Phobia

                                                In times of Corona, you don’t have to think much about the possible consequences of a pathological microbe phobia! Apart from the viruses, which do not exist, microbes are not the cause of disease! One should be less afraid of the microbes and more afraid of the cause of the disease. Moreover, every microbial activity indicates a healing phase, with typically warm hands.

                                                  Conventional Medicine - Morphine

                                                  Morphine works from now on then sympathicoton! A patient has very warm hands in the deepest vagotonia and his edema in the brain is now at its greatest. If morphine is administered here, the vagotonic patient is shot into sympathicotonia and his brain relay buzzes. The patient dies of brain death! The same happens to the drugged person in the so-called golden shot! In Holland euthanasia is legal and it is practiced with morphine! Morphine only has this fatal effect if there is edema in the brain. An accident victim usually has no edema in the brain.

                                                    Conventional Medicine - Organ Donations

                                                    If you can’t heal the organ, switch to a spare parts mentality and trade, it’s a declaration of bankruptcy of the art of healing!

                                                      Conventional Medicine - Panic

                                                      When cancer is diagnosed, most people panic and suffer a conflict, typically mortal panic with round lung nodules. Before the diagnosis of cancer, patients do not have any “lung metastases” visible on lung x-rays, but after the diagnosis of cancer, most of them do. This panic can be avoided by understanding Germanische Heilkunde.

                                                        Conventional Medicine - Psycho-Neuro-Immunology

                                                        Please note the name of this official subject at the University of Vienna: PSYCHO-BRAIN-MISCHIEF! Almost right, but then completely crazy! The PNI claims to finally know the causes of the disease! Even the herniated disk would be on the psyche, even the PNI claims now! But unfortunately, she continues, she has no therapy … Oncology, on the other hand, says it knows nothing but has the therapy, namely chemo. And so, for us idiots, everything remains the same.

                                                          Conventional Medicine - Psychoanalysis

                                                          Although Germanische Heilkunde deals with Biologically Associated Conflicts, it has nothing to do with conventional psychiatry, psychology or psychoanalysis in the sense of Sigmund Freud. One has to understand these associated conflicts biologically, which is obvious from the history of development. One must not psychologize! As old as mankind is, so old are the special programs rehearsed by Mother Nature, which naturally include the many different psychoses. Yes, even psychosis has a biological supernaturalism!

                                                            Conventional Medicine - Smoking

                                                            When I asked Dr. Hamer why smoking was so frowned upon, he replied Probably a Deep State relative will not like it.

                                                              Conventional Medicine - X-Ray Images

                                                              The radiographs made on the health insurance certificate are the property of the patient. His health insurance paid for them.

                                                                Conventional Medicine - Statistics

                                                                One can prove with the statistics that storks bring children. Here in Burgenland, the birth rate due to migration from the countryside is congruent with the decline in the stork population due to changing environmental influences. Congruent! You are sure to find an idiot who believes this. Besides animal experiments, statistics is THE pseudo-scientific mainstay par excellence.

                                                                  Conventional Medicine - Euthanasia

                                                                  A delicate subject! Euthanasia out of mercy, which I find acceptable in individual cases. However, if euthanasia is routinely performed in oncology, I consider this to be criminally relevant!

                                                                    Conventional Medicine - Ultrasound

                                                                    For the unborn child, due to the amniotic fluid, the noise of an ultrasound examination is increased, approximately as violent as if for us adults in the garden the neighbor would start his tractor lawn mower! The difference: the adult can classify the noise of the sudden helicopter, but the unborn child can only interpret the noise of the ultrasound as the greatest danger and will certainly react with a biological conflict! Thus just what is pretended to be prevented becomes the cause. To be able to abort the disabled child in time is the general consensus in these pregnancy examinations. And it is precisely through these examinations that the disabilities of the child arise! It is really bad how we all have been deceived!

                                                                      Conventional Medicine - Causal Knowledge

                                                                      ” We do not yet know exactly …”, “the cause is unknown …”, “we need even more money for research …”, one gets something similar as an answer from conventional medicine, if we ask for the cause of the disease. Apart from the broken leg, conventional medicine actually never knows exactly!

                                                                        Conventional Medicine - Viagra

                                                                        Wie erlangte Viagra den Durchbruch? Ursprünglich war Viagra ein Medikament gegen Angina pectoris (aktiver Revierverlust die Herzkranzarterien betreffend). Dummerweise starben bei diesem Menschenversuch mehr Männer an Herzinfarkt als ohne dieser Substanz. Man zog es wieder ein und stellte fest, dass die Männer wieder danach verlangten. Durch diese Substanz hatten sie eine erhöhte Libido bei gleichzeitig weniger Erektionsstörungen. Das war der Durchbruch! Herzinfarkttote hin oder her, Hauptsache ein Geschäft! Man kann tatsächlich einen aktiven Revierverlust lösen durch Hormone. Viagra ist zwar kein Hormon, aber es wirkt halt. Irgendwie scheint Viagra so einen Revierverlust-Konflikt lösen zu können… Was passiert aber, wenn ein Revierverlust gelöst wird? Es kommt der Herzinfarkt (Krise). Und hierfür ist Viagra ja bekannt.

                                                                          Conventional Medicine - Preventive Medical Checkup

                                                                          What should a preventive medical checkup be good for? What do you want to recognize early? Cancer? If you can already see cancer on the organ, then the cause has already happened! What should one take precautions against now? Written into the logbook of conventional medicine: With your early detection, you are too late! The last ones bite the dogs! You are intertwined too deeply with the Deep State!

                                                                            Conventional Medicine -Worldview

                                                                            Can you imagine what our societies looked like at the turn of the century 1899-1900 or what people were convinced of at that time? Those people from that time are the ones that conventional medicine still refers to today. Pasteur, cook, Virchow … to name only a few of these historical persons. The world view of conventional medicine, despite technical progress, is about 100 years old and unchanged! At that time already, there was selection among researchers and unsuitable research results were suppressed. And diametrically opposed to this philosophy is Germanische Heilkunde, the medicine of freedom!

                                                                              Conventional Medicine - Miracles

                                                                              The conventional medicine itself uses besides the terms like good and evil, also now and then gladly once the term miracle. This miracle, dear conventional medical practitioner, can be explained by Dr.Hamer, and this is also the declared goal in the therapy of Germanische Heilkunde. As it is well known, only the individual can heal himself! It borders on a miracle such as a wound healing, but that is quite normal, you don’t have to do a voodoo dance for that.

                                                                                Conventional Medicine - Cellular Pathology

                                                                                In the search for the cause of cancer, conventional medicine follows the founder of cellular pathology Rudolf Virchow. He thought that the cause of the disease was hidden in the cell. Now, conventional medicine is looking deeper and deeper into the cell with its microscopes, thus knowing more and more about smaller and smaller things, until it finally knows everything about nothingness! And because of all the trees, she has overlooked the forest! Without a doubt, cancer cells can be recognized as such. But if this cancer is supposed to be fixed in the genes, how can the spontaneous healing be explained? Miracles? I laugh myself wryly …

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