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Various companies related to medicine or Germanische Heilkunde.

Amnesty International

This human rights organization was unable to identify a politically motivated reason for the arrests of Dr. Hamer (1997, 2004)

    ärztekammern (Medical Associations)

    The medical associations have the characteristic of a syndicate that keeps its members in check.


      Interesting in the case of Germanische Heilkunde is that all authorities are medically incompetent, but all of them are pro conventional medicine and against Hamer - and that WITHOUT being able to name any facts.

        District Government Koblenz

        The district government of Koblenz revoked Dr. Hamer's license to practice medicine on April 8, 1986 (legally effective since March 8th, 1991).


          ... Articles about medicine and Germanische Heilkunde


            The Austrian (Grünen) Green Party, under the leadership of Dr. Petrovic, committed itself to a review of Germanische Heilkunde.

              Helsinki Föderation

              Helsinki Federation for Human Rights


                Where does Interpol get its legitimacy from?

                  Cancer Aid

                  Why were these Cancer Aid set up? To help the "cancer" business?


                    The company Siemens is a manufacturer of computer tomography equipment. Since so-called artifacts were repeatedly found in the Ct images, exclusion criteria were developed together with Dr. Hamer.

                      Universität Bern

                      Whoever pays for the music may determine what is played.

                        Universität Düsseldorf

                        The University of Düsseldorf has twice confirmed the correctness of Germanische Heilkunde.

                          Universität Leipzig

                          At the University of Leipzig, surgery for uterine cancer is performed along with the cotyledons with great success. However, this university consistently keeps quiet about Dr. Hamer!

                            Universität Sandefjord

                            In 2010 Dr. Hamer established a private University of Sandefjord in his exile country Norway. Shortly afterward he appointed me as a university lecturer for Germanische Heilkunde - theory. Although everything worked out legally, he was forced to close his university again. Reason: It would only be his company and no other university would recognize it. I was stripped of my title and accused and punished administratively for the inappropriate use of the title of a university lecturer.

                              Universität Trnava

                              At the University of Trnava (Tyrnau - Bratislava) on 11th September 1998, another university verification of Germanische Heilkunde took place. A university is the "end of the line" in the international scientific world.

                                Universität Tübingen

                                The University of Tübingen awarded Dr. Hamer a doctorate. Dr. Hamer wanted to habilitate at this university. The university refused until today. It had taken a similar approach with Johannes Kepler ...

                                  Universität Wien (Akh)

                                  At the University of Vienna (General Hospital, AKH) Dr. Hamer conducted the so-called heart study - with success. As fate would have it, Olivia's compulsive therapy was also performed there.