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Our future is in our children. That is why our children are particularly at risk!

Handicapped Children

The poorest of the poor are probably physically or mentally disabled children. They are often deprived of their only care, namely that of their biological parents. These children have neither a lawyer nor a lobby to represent their interests. Too often in the history of medicine, outrageous experiments have been made with them. Now, with the Germanische Heilkunde, it might be possible to give real help to these poor minors.


    In the prevailing state medicine, children are probably the poorest group of patients. They have neither a lobby nor a lawyer. The only protection – parental care – can be taken away from them by any state medical practitioner. Actually, the children belong to the pharmaceutical lobby as guinea pigs.

      Infant death

      Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the result of the crisis of an “Overwhelmed Conflict” involving the left myocardium (epileptic seizure).

        Cradle Cap

        The cradle cap is the conflict-active phase of a separation conflict associated with the scalp (stroking).