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Middle Cotyledon – Mesoderm – Cerebral Group – Cerebral Medullar

Histologic Formation:

Cerebrum-Mesoderm: Cerebral Medulla of the cerebrum.

Crossed from the cerebral medulla to the organ.

The cerebrum-controlled mesodermal organs make necroses (osteolysis) in the active phase. In the healing phase: reconstruction of the necroses and induration.



Bacteria proliferate after conflict resolution in the vagotonic healing phase.

Note by H. Pilhar:

The medullary system controls the MESODERM NEW (orange group, connective tissue). Here it is a question of SELF-DEVALUATION. In the active phase, the tissue necrotizes. This conflict must be resolved; otherwise, the connective tissue will dissolve. In the healing phase, the bacteria help to replenish these necroses under the swelling. At the end of the healing phase, the swelling subsides, but the connective tissue remains stronger than before. The biological sense of these special programs is this permanent functional reinforcement. The left medullary cavity controls the right organ side and vice versa (there are exceptions!)


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