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  Outer Cotyledon – Ectoderm – Cerebral Cortex

Histologic Formation:

Cell loss-SBS with squamous ulcera-Ca in ca-phase, in healing phase scarring-restitutive reconstruction of ulcers.


Note by H. Pilhar:

The cerebral cortex controls the EKTODERM (red group, squamous epithelium + functional failures). This is a matter of SEPARATION + TERRITORY. In the active phase, the squamous epithelium ulcerates. In the healing phase, the tissue is replenished without microbes (viruses do not exist) and swelling. At the end of the healing phase, the swelling subsides. These special programs’ biological sense is in the active phase by function reinforcement (squamous epithelium) or by function loss (function loss makes neither cell proliferation nor cell loss). The left cerebral cortex controlled the right organ side and vice versa (simplified!).


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