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Middle Cotyledon – Mesoderm – Old-Brain-Group – Cerebellum

Histological Formation:

Cerebellum-Mesoderm: Crossed from cerebellum to organ.

Compact, adenoid cauliflower-like tumors of secretory type.
Areal growing tumors of the resorptive type.



The fungi and mycobacteria (e.g., TBC) proliferate according to the germline in the conflict-active phase (ca-phase). Fungi and mycobacteria degrade the tumors of the cerebellar mesodermal organs. (e.g., TBC) During the vagotonic healing phase (pcl-phase) in a caseating necrotizing way, with the help of bacteria (adjuvant microbes). What has not been eliminated by the end of the healing phase remains.

Note by H. Pilhar:

The cerebellum controls the MESODERM OLD (yellow/orange group, gland-like tissue). The conflict content is the VIOLATION OF INTEGRITY and WORRY/ARGUMENT. In the active phase, cell proliferation and functional enhancement are also the biological sense. In the healing phase, the now no longer needed cell increase is decomposed tuberculously, provided that the associated microbes – the fungal bacteria – are present. Handedness is crucial. The left cerebellum controls the right organ side and vice versa.


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