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What does mankind in general consider to be scientifically correct? The condition is: It must be verifiable! Laws of nature fulfill these conditions, while statistics in individual cases have no validity.

Real science must therefore be verifiable at the next best case to either confirm or disprove an assumption. If the assumption was wrong, it is rejected. If it was correct, it is included in the teaching.

Dr. Hamer was never disproven but always confirmed.

The Engineer – About Reproducibility

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The Engineer, Volume 53, No. 1/1998 Are scientific findings still suppressed today? Ing. Helmut Pilhar, born in 1965, is an engineer for both electrical and mechanical engineering. He is the father of Olivia, a girl suffering from cancer. In this context, he advocated the treatment of his daughter according to the rules of the so-called […]

Cervical Cancer (Case 40) – Testimonial from Germanische Heilkunde

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Case 40, Last case (test case) at Kiel University Women’s Hospital, 3/2/82. Present: Dr. Hamer 1.) Name: Prof. Gertrud Savelsberg, born. 3.2.1899 2.) Diagnosis: Collum-Ca III (highly advanced) 3.) Histology: Squamous cell Ca, Stad. III 4.)Diagnosis: End of Nov. 81 bleeding (noticeable. Man. time), 5.) Time period until diagnosis: 20 to 22 months, pre happened: […]

Forecast about the future of the Germanic New Medicine

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In the following document, I will forecast the Germanische New Medicine’s future from my point of view. Before I start with this, I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Volker Siefke; I am 47 years old, born in Hannover, married since 1997, have 2 children, 1 dog, and has lived in Lucerne’s […]

The Reproducibility of Germanische Heilkunde

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Laws of nature do not need statistics. Who uses statistics does not do science! The Reproducibility of Germanischen Heilkunde® In the patient cases, which one wants to reproduce according to the biological laws of Germanischen Heilkunde®, the matter is in principle straightforward: There are 3 levels (psyche, brain, organs) that proceed synchronously. There are 2 […]


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